for reasons far too complicated to explain in a blog...i've already had a few mai tai's today. and i have one word for you - tasty. its gonna be a good night.


in about 24 hours i plan on being excessively drunk. okay, maybe not *excessively*, as i am the hostess afterall. today i picked up about $100 worth of alcohol and i plan on consuming all which my guests do not require.

its time, folks. mollie d has had a stressful week.

bring on the mai tais. oh, and dont forget the cute little umbrella for my glass. who's throwing this party? its fabulous!!


hi everyone. my name is mollie...and...i'm a triathlete. (crowd in unison) 'hi mollie'

so at what point does a hobby become an addiction? when you cant seem to turn down chances to race? even though you're tired and you definitely cant afford it?

after having completed the olympic tri on the 18th, i signed up for another one and raced on memorial day. and i have another race next weekend. sigh. i think i need professional help.

in other words...i have nothing else to blog about, because racing has been basically my entire life for the past two weeks. i promise to come up with interesting things to say that dont involve swimming, biking, or running sometime soon.


wise words from the 25th year of my life...

i do not reccommend staying awake for 41 hours, and in that time, racing an olympic triathlon. its just not smart. it will take you much longer than you expect to recover. you're not as young as you used to be.

i DO reccommend you check out my triathlon pictures. definitely in the top 5 weekends of my life.


how do you prepare for a trip when your packing list includes:
high heels
PAM cooking spray
body identification tags
a flask full of rum

thats right, folks. i'm leaving tomorrow morning for memphis. no, the purpose of my trip isnt to serve Elvis omlettes while drunk on rum, wearing high heels and various aquatic gear--- i'm doing a triathlon!! wish me luck! and if you wanna know what the PAM is for you'll have to ask ; )



i'm having separation anxiety. i just dropped my bike off to be shipped to memphis for my triathlon this weekend. i left her with strangers who dont even know how she likes her chain oiled lovingly at night.

and as lame as it may sound, when we're reunited on saturday i'll totally get excited like i'm picking up a beloved pet or family member. twisted, isnt it? i guess after you spend a certain amount of time gripping onto something for dear life while riding 35mph down a hill in traffic, you get close. real close.
i am a genius. no really- i'm the smartest person alive. my proof?

while watching the latest installment of '24' last night, i was distracted- not by CTU agent tony almeida's disarming smile- but by the actor playing the president's lawyer. it was one of those moments when i instantly knew i'd seen him in another role and it tortured me for at least 10 minutes and it hit me...

he was a small, if not inconsequential, character in one of the greatest movies of the 80's. thats right kids, i'm talking about TEEN WOLF. the actor? scott paulin. the role? drama teacher.

you shoulda seen my roommate's face when i launched into a rendition of the prom theme, "you sure don't look like your grandma" in reference to michael j. fox as he appeared at the prom in full warewolf glory and started a new dance craze. so judging from mark's reaction, i'm either a genius or i'm crazy. whichever.


as you all know, (and by "all" i mean both of you actually reading this) i'm a fairly witty gal. but the pressure of the webpage is something new to me. i'm used to the pressure of being witty via email -and even the requisite evite response, but this is a whole new world. so i'm going to start off slowly and ease my toes into the cold foreign waters of the web.

if you're looking for the goods today, i suggest you visit a veteran's site, someone who's already jumped right in. its so witty, i'm included in today's update! www.markphillip.com
yo, check me out, i'm a cyber chick now.