rollercoasters are really only fun at the state fair.

i had my own mini rollercoaster this morning and i am pleased as punch to say that despite the white knuckle grip i had after opening an email from my ex-boyfriend (names have been changed to protect the privacy of those involved...wink wink) i was actually able to loosen my grip, throw my hands over my head, let go of my fear and exit promptly to the left as soon as the car came to a halt.

not to say that i enjoyed the ride, but hey, at least i didnt throw up.


this weekend @ acl fest was truly amazing. i had so many memorable and wonderful experiences...

being in awe of shawn colvin's spunk and wonderful family ties while listening to her melodic voice

rocking out with liz phair but wondering who gave her that outfit to wear and where she was hiding her angst in that mini skirt

swaying to alexi murdoch and wanting to touch his beautiful curly hair

napping in the sun while listening to the friends of johnny cash honor his legacy of amazing tunes

feeling entirely moved by the truth in patty griffin's lyrics to 'let him fly' and wondering how a woman so small could be so strong

letting g.love take me back to sitting in my dorm room freshman year of college listening to his music in a desperate effort to be cool

enjoying how polyphonic spree causes me to spontaneously jump around and smile so big

the beautiful coyness in ben harper's voice only momentarily distracting me from my desire to throw my panties at such a gorgeous man

the classic comfort in r.e.m.'s tunes that seem to tie so many different times in my life together.

the amazing gifts of the weekend weren't all limited to the musical genius that descended upon austin for three days. it was a great weekend because i got to share all of these things with my sister and my wonderful friends.


take back the night!

this is it folks, the weekend i've been waiting for. i'm not going to let anything get in my way THIS YEAR. austin city limits music festival starts today! due to the most unfortunate of circumstances ever, my plans were ruined last year the day before the festival...but nothing...and i mean nothing is getting in my way this time!

i am so excited! can you tell?! i have had the craziest week ever and its about to be topped off with the craziest weekend ever and i couldnt be more thrilled.

expect a full report on monday... until then... if youre not with me in austin...be jealous. ; )



here lies mollie's blog. it died of neglect after only 4 precious months of life.

i've been thinking about it and i think i'm going to try and pull a lazarus and resurrect this sucker. no promises. : )