i am really really excited about my birthday, but not in my typical 'hooray for halloween' fashion. don't get me wrong, i'm still looking forward to handing out candy and hanging with friends dressed en costume drinking lots of alcohol on 6th street. but honestly, i had a hard time even getting excited about dressing up this year.

this year my enthusiasm about my birthday is all about growing up- and not in a "holy crap i'm in my upper 20's" way, in a "wow, i am really happy to be where i am" way. it feels good to be happy in my life regardless of all of the crap that happened this year- i am doing better than ever.

so as i wax on nostalgically about turning 26 and enjoy the last 36 hours or so of my 25th year, just know that if you're reading this, you most likely had a hand in getting me to this place of contentment. thank you. i couldn't ask for a better birthday present.


t minus 4 days to 26. thank goodnes. 25 kinda sucked.

well, i should say more accurately that most of 25 sucked. either way, even though i dont like the sound of the number 26 and being in my 'upper 20's' really sucks to my assmar... i'm ready.

now if i could only get my halloween costume in order...