who says that its bad things that always happen in threes?

three was my favorite number growing up - i always wanted to be number 3 in softball, basketball, you name it. if the jersey number 00 was taken (undoubtably the coach's daughter got this one, what was universally known as the coolest number on the team) i was first in line to get number three. or 03 as it was on the jersey.

so this year, ironically enough in '03, i've done some odd things in threes. three places of residence. three moves for my family members. three important relationships in my life experienced major change. and now three jobs!

my mom, whose decorating taste has always eclipsed my own, is a staunch believer in decorating in threes. three vases, three pictures, etc. i believe the rule having something to do with the visual stimulation of the odd number. so now that i've done things in threes, i believe my life is visually pleasing enough for me to be calm and content and give all of this rearranging a rest!

at least for the rest of the year (....kidding.)
in case you havent heard:

au revoir & bonjour

just a heads up that you should look forward to many future posts extolling the greatness of the ipod i'm gonna buy with my employee discount. oh yeah baby.


my dog died. and i wasnt there. i'm not even close enough to get to pet her goodbye.

who else other than my family has been with me since i was twelve?
who else would have kept me safe all of those times i camped out in the back yard?
who else could have made my brother so happy and proud?

it just seems like so much to let go of.


sic 'em bears.

this weekend i'll be drinking ninfaritas, throwing back a big O at george's while juice newton blasts from the jukebox, hanging out at the tent outside the football game (where all the real action takes place!). there is something very nostalgic about going back to your college town and visiting old haunts.

it should be a really good weekend. as a very smart man put it, i'll be going to the game, not to see baylor lose, but to see tech win.


ready for the "revolutions"? i am. if you need to play catch up, check this out.

dont forget to brush off your pocket protector and snap on your suspenders... its dork time. (credit for that joke goes squarely to storeythegreat)


get ready for another mushy post...

so i am sitting at my desk at work (getting a lot done! hah) and i realized through something a friend just emailed me that my biggest gift this weekend was just loving my friends. it is a gift to surround myself with people who truly love me the way that i love them. it is a refreshing and wonderful place to be in my life to know that i am choosing to surround myself with positive people who add value to who i am.

and for those of you wondering what happened to cynical mollie...

check this out- i was reading a cnn article this morning (like i said, getting a lot of work done!) and i came across this quote: A University of Chicago survey, released earlier this year, found that most think adulthood begins at age 26.