new year's eve checklist:

tickets to the 80s dance party...check.
fun new earrings to wear...check.
friends to ring in the new year with...check.
hot boy to kiss at midnight...check!!

tonight sounds like its going to be fun to me!

talk to ya in 2005.


i cleaned up christmas today. took down the decorations and finished the last cleaning jobs from our holiday party. its so sad to me when my festive house goes back to the usual blah with no jingling bells or twinking lights.

christmas as a ping pong ball actually went much better than anticipated.

my house, his house, my house, his house.

both the donovans and the burpos had a great celebration of christ's birth. i am so happy that i got to spend time with our families and really celebrate the past year. i also had some quality time with good friends- some i hadn't seen in much too long! (you know who you are!)

i really can't believe christmas is already over. i'm so glad i have a few days to relax before i head back to work.


i read this in my daily devotional a few weeks ago and thought it was great:

Edvard Munch's famous 19th century expressionism painting, "The Scream" has become a universal depiction of the cry of the human heart.

In the painting, the screaming victim is standing on a bridge with a red, swirling sky behind him and two figures in the background. In the artist's own words, the inspiration for this painting came when an unexplainable sense of dread overcame him while out walking with two of his friends. "My friends walked on, I stood there, trembling with fear. And I sensed a great, infinite scream pass through nature."

According to the artist, the two figures have passed on ahead, seemingly oblivious to whatever it was that gripped him with fear. This underlines even more the loneliness expressed. His companions have their backs turned on his desperation. They are no help to him. Only he can hear the scream; and their apparent disinterest makes you feel the scream is silent.

This is not a painting of a human being on a bridge surrounded by landscape; it is an abstract capturing of the human soul. It is a painting of the state of mind that many people are in today. We live in a time of momentous fear, loneliness, & worry, but our screams are mostly silent. Those who could help are walking away. Where are you in this picture?

Lord, make us sensitive to those around us who may be screaming inside. May we not walk on by. And may we face as well, the cry of our own soul and not try and distract ourselves. May our need lead us to you, the one for whom we were made, the only one who can dispel our loneliness and desperation.


sales can be so ridiculous. i just overheard this conversation between two people on my team:

guy #1 : hey randy! how ya doin?

guy #2 : oh you know, just smilin and dialin.

um..... yeah.


so i'm not embarrased to admit that i'm going to a therapist to help me prepare for the transition from singleton to old married lady. yesterday as i sat in her office, we talked about my need for 'alone time' and privacy and her advice still has me laughing.

she said...

"you know what i think you should do? you should try and have your own "room" in your house. a room that you can decorate any way you want, and no one else is allowed to come in without an invitation. if you shut the door, it means you want some time to yourself and not to knock unless its very important. you could put a chair and tv in there or a bed for taking naps."

i just had a blank stare on my face...then i started laughing.

anyone who knows my family or has been to my parents' house knows that my dad has this exact room. she described it completely as it exists- full of auburn memorabilia, old photographs, a comfy couch, television, and usually a dog or two.

i am so much like my dad sometimes, i dont even recognize it anymore. and that, my friends, is a scary thought : )


my dad's dog, patsy cline, got a little mouthy when she heard that the other dogs had their pictures posted to the site.

but then she felt really bad about yelling.
my manager at work 'volunteered' me to write a skit for people to perform at our annual sales conference. i hope you're rolling your eyes along with me right now. i hate this crap. i hate it when people 'volunteer' you for stuff...doesnt that go against the whole purpose of the word? to make it worse, i have been given the topic "reality tv". pretty much.

so wish me luck. in an hour i'll be one of the thousands of lemmings driving north for the holiday. in fact, give me a call, i'm sure i'll have plenty of time to chat : )


this is the first voice i've heard this week that really speaks for me. if you have a moment, read on.

Two Nations Under God

camo dog.

artie is perfecting his camoflauge skills. i think he's getting pretty darn good at it.


hi, 51% of america, i'm mollie donovan. do i know you? i dont think i do. who ARE you?

i guess you are where you live. you're middle america.

i can respect your opinions and i can respect your right to have differing beliefs from mine. but i reserve the right to not respect the man you've chosen to represent those beliefs. i wont respect someone who doesnt respect those he governs. i wont trust someone who lies, not only to me, but also to the 51 percent that chose to overlook that fact and lend him support.

my heart is just sad today.

you know, it shouldn't be about your pocketboook. its about people. its not about enforcing your beliefs on others, but trusting them to make the right decision for themselves.

so in that same spirit, i guess all i can say is...you'll certainly get what you asked for.
excerpt from my daily devotional this morning. seemed quite appropriate for this bummer of a day:

We are pressed on every side by troubles, but we are not crushed and broken. We are perplexed, but we don’t give up and quit. We are hunted down, but God never abandons us. We get knocked down, but we get up again and keep going

2 Corinthians 4:8-9


27 was a great birthday.

i was initially really bummed out about my birthday being on a sunday and the forecasted rain had me frowning. ends up it was a great weekend.

friday night i did the unthinkable. (or rather what had become the unthinkable in the past year or so...) i stayed out until last call!! woo hoo!! i wanted to give myself a high-five i was so proud.

saturday kevin had a couple of friends join us for a surprise fancy-pants dinner at mars. it was the best meal i've had in a reeeally long time. it was delicious. what a treat to have them with us to celebrate : )

sunday we went to church and then had a few friends over for burgers and sangria. the weather was nice and the food was great!

this morning, listening to the rain splatter the porch & re-reading my birthday cards, was the first time in a long time that i felt incredibly lucky to have such special friends in austin. sometimes those little reminders mean everything. their thoughtfulness and caring mean the world to me- and i feel so loved.


go to www.google.com

type in "failure"

hit "i'm feeling lucky"

yeah. i laughed too. : )



my kick ass friend brenda did the design. she seriously rules. i'm so impressed!!


i promise i'll be gentle. it wont hurt at all.

for lunch today i'm taking 4 Saccone's virgins to the best pizza place in austin. Saccone's rules.

theyre gonna love it so much, i'll bet they carry me around on their shoulders chanting "mollie! mollie! mollie!"


its official!


i was sitting at my desk this morning and a girl on my team walks past my cube and sees my book titled "saving your marriage before it starts", picks it up, and says, "hey! i read this with my ex-husband!" through my laughter i managed to choke out, thats not the best advertisement i've heard for a pre-marital resource!

in other news...

i got home last night to a package on my front porch. i love that! it was the wedding dress i ordered from jcrew. (i know, who knew jcrew was carrying wedding stuff?!) later in the eve, fed ex rings my doorbell to deliver my amazon order containing my premarital counseling workbooks.

the fed ex guy says, "hey! did you get the jcrew dress i left here yesterday? i was so worried leaving it, how does it look?!" i tried really hard not to laugh and said, its great! thanks! it was definitely a 'cable guy' moment, but seriously, what a cutie to ask!


austin city limits music festival was this weekend. hot. sweaty. dirty. crowded. overwhelming. very different from last year, but definitely remarkable and memorable.

i dont think its fair to say i was disappointed. it really was a great weekend. was it what i expected? hmm...

i think my expectations were unreasonable for this edition of the annual festival. last year i saw it all through the eyes of someone falling in love. i was such a blank slate and i loved every minute of it.

so who knows where i'll be next september...or if i'll be up for three days of sitting in the sun, listening to good music, climbing through 75,000 other people... i hope so.


i had brunch on sunday with my parents in dallas. somehow- dont ask me how!- the topic turned to inhalants. i explained to my mom that i had seen it done in the movie 'thirteen' (wow, how sheltered does that statement make me sound?!).

my dad added that he could always tell when the kids who work in his restaurant had been in the fridge inhaling the gas from whipped cream cans. my mom was in complete denial that people actually do this for 'fun'.

her response? i'd rather eat the whipped cream!

we laughed pretty hard for a few minutes. my dad and i were crying we were laughing so hard. she was dead serious. it was too funny. i just love that lady. i will be so lucky if my kids think i'm half as adorable as i think she is.

i mean she's so cute. she really couldn't understand why someone would waste perfectly tasty whipped cream to get high.


its so bizarre that wedding-speak has taken over so much of my freetime/thoughts that i actually have to clear my head in order to write about something non-nuptual related. i'm one of "those girls".

last week i ventured to Big Red Sun for their wednesday night happy hour. it was super fun- very chill and how can you beat the price? $5 to hear live music and drink all the wine and beer you want! i'll definitely be returning. i also wore my "soon to be mrs. burpo" t-shirt which is always a crowd pleaser. the crowd went to vivo afterward for some yummy grub- it was just such a fun time. i'm not sure exactly what it was- it was just great.

kevin had some friends and their pooches over for burgers on labor day. it was nice to just chill out with friends for a while and watch the dogs romp.

so thats all the news around here! i'm off to tambaleo tonight for drinks and fun.


so i realize its completely generic of me to say, but garden state is such a *great* movie and the music in it is equally wonderful. go see/listen/enjoy.

i was thinking about kevin this morning and the fact that he's going to be my husband. i mean, thats big time!! the best thing about it is, i truly feel like he is my best friend. that he, like no one else, can calm me down when i'm upset, can manage my expectations and force me to communicate even when its hard. he never ever makes me feel lonely. he can always make me smile, even when i'm crying, but he doesnt pretend the smile makes the reason i'm crying go away.

the best part about is is that amidst all of these great things, we just laugh and smile and enjoy life together. i turned to him last night when we were watching the olympics and said, when we hang out do you ever feel like we're at a slumber party at our best friend's house? he laughed, agreed, then gave me a wet willy. so i licked his face.


how do you follow up a post that has, like, the best news EVER in it? seriously.

well i guess the next big news is, i think we have a date!

to have and to hold from this day forward: april 23, 2005

now the stressfull part begins... contracts, meetings, appointments, budgets, timelines. its maddness i tell you, maddness! and just like anything, everyone has an opinion for you or wants to tell you about a cake they had once at the wedding of a cousin that was just SO good. or the band they heard that just butchered the couple's first dance song. i just nod and smile.

and of course i use the word 'fiancee' as often as possible. its such a fun word! so hoity toity! i only get to use it with abandon for eight more months : )


hooray! : )

well if that was how to start your day- it certainly only got better... kevin asked me to marry him!!!!



now THIS is the way to start your day. : )


this weekend i floated the river with a group of 15. trying to keep track of 15 increasingly drunk people in innertubes is a bit like herding cats. especially when you are drinking as well.

not to mention that within the first 5 minutes, you lose your sunglasses, beer, and your tube to some mean rapids. and then someone floats up with a found 18pack of coors light that they insist on referring to as their 'booty'. and an hour later you realize the tube you jumped in after you lost yours is not only from a different company than the one you rented from, but also has someone else's cooler tied to it full of beer and their wallet. oh and you lose two people in your group that are then sighted floating sans tube and are bleeding from being scraped across the rocks without protection.

so wait a minute- what is it again about floating the river thats so fun? : )


testing this whole photo posting thing... now were *really* multimedia!


ok math majors... here's a tough one for ya.

what does...

2 movies + swimming & sunning at barton springs + 2 sno cones w/cream + frito pie with friends - working out + 4 cold beers + 2 orders of migas from kerby lane - any kind of stress + 1 really cool rainstorm = ???

the perfect weekend with kevin.


i went to cuba libre last night for their thursday "martinis & manicures" happy hour. the idea is genius. especially the advertised $10 price tag for the combo. the martini? delicious. the nails? worst. manicure. ever.

i think a pre-teen playing dress-up could rival the efforts of this woman. i already took off the poorly applied and really unattractive nail color. but all-in-all, what do you expect for essentially $5, right?

the only other draw-back of being at an all-female marketed event in an enclosed environment? one word... loud.

in reality, it was just an excuse to meet up with some cool chicks after work and just hang out. that part was fun. next time i'll just spend the $ on drinks...


you know life has hit a rut when....

at your local grocery store, standing in the frozen foods aisle, you squeal with delight when you realize that 'lean pockets' have come out with two new varieties.

i purchased both the chicken quesadilla and the new supreme pizza (with whole grain crust!).

i ate the chicken quesadilla for lunch today...and so far i can say, 'bravo, lean pocket people. bravo.'


another night of tossing and turning. yawn.

i had a million thoughts running through my head that i just couldnt calm. i feel like something is in the air and i just couldnt find any peace in my bed last night. finally i got up and went running.

i am headed north today. kevin and i are going to visit big D this weekend. its going to be super fun! we're going to hang with his family tonight and mine tomorrow. my cool aunt patty is coming into town from california too, so i'm excited. my sister and i are doing an olympic triathlon sunday together.

all in all, it promises to be a great weekend. now if i could just get some sleep...


simply let your 'yes' be 'yes' and your 'no' be 'no' - matthew 5:37

that was jesus' advice in the beatitudes.

i saw fahrenheit 9/11 today.

its funny to me that people who are staunchly opposed to the movie are acting in a manner that is exactly what they are supposedly "against". they are making judgements without even viewing the film. what are they so afraid of? are you so unsure in your beliefs that you feel threatened by those that feel differently?

george w. bush is not only an undeserving, dishonest president who is more interested in his own agenda than the lives of innocent american soldiers...but he is horrificly inarticulate and just embarrasing to watch. i'm not sure exactly how anyone ever thought he was intelligent enough or a man whose character was fitting of the presidency of this country.

the movie made me sick to my stomach. watching a mother mourn her son's death fighting in a war that was waged on a country that posed no threat to ours...?

michael moore may be crazy, but at least he's got people thinking about whats really going on in our country. take him or leave him, i'm glad he's bringing important points of debate into the light of day for the average american.


i'm sooo lucky.

as i sat with my family this weekend, enjoying a sandwich at the coolest place in dallas, i just kept thinking "i'm sooo lucky!"

*quick aside: my bias-free opinion of potbelly? its seriously a GREAT sandwich. the place is cool, very energetic and fun and everyone working there just seems to be having a good time.*

my dad seems to be truly enjoying his time at work. he has quickly won over the hearts of the people at potbelly and earned the nickname "blue" (as in 'you're my boy blue!' from old school). his sandwich venture is so far very successful and he seems to have renewed energy.

my mom loves being at the middle school so much, she actually misses work already this summer. she is having a well deserved vacation though and had a great time dancing with her daughters this weekend.

my sister has found new happiness in the past month and my brother and michelle are doing as great as ever.

i am just so glad that as i get older and life gets more complicated and things get tangled, that i can still sit and have a sandwich with my family and just be happy.


little white lies. do we call them "white" so they will still sound innocent and pure?

i'm telling one tomorrow. its been planned for months really and i dont feel bad about it one bit...so why is it i can't tell the lie face-to-face? i'm doing it over the phone.

i feel completely justified in WHY i'm lying...and if i were dealing with a reasonable person in the situation, maybe i wouldnt have to lie. but i do.

i'm a terrific liar- i was born with a gift. my mom will be the first to tell you- i have always been, as she says, "so good at lying its scary." and i'm not talking about the "no that doesnt make your ass look big" kind. i think it was just a natural overflow of my insanely overactive imagination growing up.

i wrote a paper in a college english class when assigned to do an "interview of a baylor employee" about a fictional elderly lady who supposedly had a job working nights at my dormitory because she was lonely now that her husband had passed away after a 5 year struggle with testicular cancer and it was easier to work than be at home all night in the bed they had once shared. i got an 'A'.

so tomorrow my skillz will be tested once again. this time i'm just hoping for a passing grade.


previous post has been suspended for reasons relating to my guilty conscience and not wanting to get caught in my own web.... i'll put it back up in a few days....


bunko. only a game for the anal?

before i go any further, let me first clear this one thing up- i am indeed anal at heart. in the vein of being competitive natured, having a slight obsession with being "on time" to things (other than work), and i am generally specific in wanting things exactly as i want them (but who isnt?)

i raise this question, not because i dont enjoy the dice game, on the contrary. but because my attempts at gathering a group together to introduce them to bunko have failed. i know its not because the game isnt fun, because it really is, no matter how much that makes me sound like an old lady. i think bunko is too anal for my friends.

see... when we have girls night, we dont want rules. we want to show up whenever (of course as i've explained, i'll be on time), bring some wine, discuss anything under the sun, and just have a good time. we even have field trips sometimes! but what no one seems to be keen on is the idea of having and exact multiple of 4 people there...at a specific time...and find substitutes in their absence, etc.

and ya know what? i'm glad. i need more hands-free time in my life. more willy nilly. more go-with-the-flow.


i'm starting my happy book.

i gave my friend a monogrammed journal as a gift that she has dubbed her "happy book." instead of writing about the joys and trials of life like a typical journal, she uses it as a collection point for all things "happy." pictures, copies of emails, compliments, receipts from good moments, stories of that time that made you laugh SO hard...

i'm starting my happy book today. it has been 'one of those days' and i could just use some freakin happy!

so keep your fingers crossed that the cleaners can fix my favorite dress in time for the wedding this weekend... and i'll get to work on the book.

deal? deal.


in honor of my dad's birthday, i'd like to do a bit of a tribute to the coolest dad around.

ten things that make my dad the coolest:

1) he has what could easily be mistaken as either a sombrero or a ladies straw hat, wears it proudly and calls it his "sun management hat"

2) he is fiercely loyal

3) sometimes he sounds like a hick from alabama (which he in part is) and sometimes he sounds british (no one knows why!)

4) he is one of the best judges of character i have ever met

5) he loves bacon more than some people love their families

6) he has given me more chances and love than i ever deserved

7) his idea of wrapping a present is taking the bag from the store and stapling it shut

8) he still dances with my mom in the kitchen

9) he never apologizes for being himself, no matter what other people think

and finally....

10) his new restaurant has a BLOG (yeah, i barely believed it myself)


decisions, decisions...

stay at apple?
go back to school?
study physical therapy?
race the triahtlon this weekend?

so much floating through my head.


this weekend was wonderful! i had several confirmations/ understandings about friends that i think i really needed.

friends are an investment. the older we get, the more i start to grasp this. the time and effort i give to my friendships are an investment in those people and also in myself. i don't know if you can really know who cares about you the way you care about them until things get crazy and priorities change and life gets in the way- and then you know who keeps you on their list.

on one hand i have amazing friends from college that i will always have a BLAST with whenever i see them, and on the other hand i have friends from college i can still call at 3 in the morning when everything is going wrong and i just need to talk.

what i realized this weekend, is that for some people, i fall into that first category. i won't say that doesnt make me sad, but for the first time, i think i am going to be able to accept that and just love my friendships for what they are.

this weekend was really wonderful though. i had a GREAT time laughing with friends that i rarely get to see. i am very lucky to have such amazing people in my life.


so as a follow up to the last post (i'm sure you've been on the edge of your seat, chomping at the bit to know...what happened?!!) the race was cancelled. how's that for anti-climactic? i'll have more to report after THIS thursday's race.

i am so proud of myself right now, i just have to share it with you! i know it may seem like a less than herculean task for some, but for mollie donovan, it was a monumental occasion! i had a blood test this morning!!

i was that girl in college who refused to walk through the dorm lobby during 'blood drive week' and at one point, was attempting to be added to the national bank for bone marrow donors and cried so hard that they asked me to leave because "i was scaring other people off."

i have avoided doctors and more specifically, having blood tests for the past 7 years. i havent had a complete blood chemistry test since i was 13. for me, the fear and anxiety that i associated with needles and giving blood were too overwhelming to even talk about without a rush of heat searing through my entire body.

and so, though i did not take the test with the relaxed nerves that i was hoping for, i did manage to remain in the chair through the experience and i did not cry and i did not resist the nurse that administered my test.... all baby steps that were much needed!! YAY!! : ) heehee.


feliz cinco de mayo!

5th of may greetings from you favorite latin-themed site... the spicy world of hot ta-mollie.

now if only i was in the mood to shout "arriba aye aye!" and chug mexican beers and sip tequila...

tomorrow i am going to do something i've never done. i am going to do a road race crit (criterium: a short, looped, race...very fast, will probably be only 20 minutes) its no big deal for regular roadies who race a lot, but for a novice like me its a big step. i'm a bit frightened and very much intimidated by the idea and it will cost me $15, so why am i doing it? when i told my sister, she was clear in her disdain for the idea, dismissing it as crazy.

you be the judge - the crazy act of a desperate woman? or the exciting adventures of a young cyclist?
i like the challenge & i am excited even though i know i will probably completely fail. but in the end thats what eclipses the anxiety- the challenge of a new experience that will stretch myself beyond my comfort zone. lets just hope i dont crash (kevin featured prominently in green & blue ; )


you know you want it.

when did i, mollie donovan, get to be so predictable? i cruise into work today in my new ride (ok, technically still on an extended test-drive, but going at lunch to sign the papers), park her proudly in front, walk into work.

within two minutes, a virtual stranger at work that i've talked to maybe twice says, "This is a wild guess, but is that your new Red Subaru in the parking lot?"

um... hello? do i know you? what would make you jump to such a presumption? seriously, is there something about me that just screams RED SUBARU!!! or was that just an anomaly?


how do i do it?

how do i get myself into the situations where inside my head i'm thinking "how did i get here and what am i doing in front of all of these people?"

now, growing up my mother called me a "ham". so what if i love being on camera? so what if i cant resist the lure of widespread audience approval? though i always thought of it as something you outgrow. surely i wouldnt always be that girl who lives for the annual talent show in elementary school...

what i think is funny about it is that there is some kind of switch that flips inside. i go from being the girl who walks through the hall with my eyes directed at the ground in front of me to the girl who stands bravely facing her entire department of 100+ acting like a total idiot... hearing their laughter... secretly loving it.
this week has been fantabulous. (if you dont count the speeding ticket on tuesday morning)

kevin's nephew was born on monday!
jude griffin, 8lbs 4oz

i went to the darkness concert on tuesday.
it was awesome- so entertaining & hilarious

birthday fun on wednesday.
erin's birthday, too much cake & sushi : )

happy hour madness on thursday.
free drinks & a free hp printer! hurray!

now its friday and the weekend awaits with promises of a fun girls' night, a 10k run, mountain bike race, & hopefully some sunny gorgeous days!


my prediction for the weekend? chocolate bunnies, home cooked meals, quality time with friends and family.
the reality of my weekend? nasty food, nasty motels, and quality time with crazy mechanics.

this weekend the true reality of driving a twelve year old car hit hard. as i was crawling through waco in the thick of the easter weekend traffic, rhonda my honda got so pissed she decided we'd gone far enough. the next 20 hours or so is a blur consisting of a tow truck ride, dinner alone at applebees at the bar with weird old guys calling out "cheer up darlin, or we're gonna come sit with you!", lots of sitting on the curb listening to my ipod trying to pretend i didnt look homeless, and empty promises from the manager at a ghetto pep boys.

20 hours and $500 (curses!!) later, in my exhaustion and frustration over having spent the night in waco at a nastay motel by myself, i decided in the end to just turn around and go home when my car was ready.

on my way home i started crying, because of said exhaustion but also because my dad always gives his girls gardenia corsages on easter. its a family tradition that started with his father and i was just so sad to be spending my first easter alone and flower-less. when i was finally home, kevin came over...with a whole bush of gardenias. : )


brenda sent a link this morning to a site that has re-makes of the old g.i. joe psa's. new audio galore. i was laughing so hard i shed a tear.

this one is my favorite: pork chop sandwiches!

seriously. i know its bad, but its so good.


you. me. 80's night at the parish. be there.

eighties night was such roaring good fun saturday night. next time you really must go with me- who can resist a group of sweaty hipster wannabe 80's glam kids dancing and singing loudly in unison to depeche mode? it was the best night out i've had in a while... then again it was also the first night out i've had in a while...

on a totally different topic- i'm feeling entirely weird today. its monday, its rainy, and i'm grumpy. its one of those days when the clutter of life (physical, mental, emotional) feels suffocating. i think its time for some spring cleaning.


lent update: today is day 38 of cheeselessness. i gotta tell you, sometimes i dont miss it at all. in fact, i've realized that some foods are just as good sans cheese. but there are moments... living in texas... when not eating queso just seems... wrong.

i can say with certainty that i've eaten healthier than usual in the past 38 days. no pizza, queso, not a single frozen meal (though they are "smart ones", still not the best choice). but have i replaced my cheese-eating with supplication? so what have i really gained? not pounds! hah.

but no matter what, in 9 days, the love affair will continue.

me + cheese = forever


i am going to have to rank the wedding i attended this weekend in my top 5. why?

was it the couple? not really. they are great, but i dont really know them all that well yet.
was it the church? no, i've been to several weddings there.
the flowers? they were beautiful, but no.
the reception? it was a terrific band and dancing was awesome, but still...no.

all of these things contributed to it being such an amazing event, but i genuinely can say that the reason this wedding was 'top 5' for me was my date. being at a celebration of true love with your true love... nothing compares to that!! it was wonderful.

check out our pictures: www.homepage.mac.com/molliedonovan


as most of you know, i'm a captain for the new 'team in training' triathlon team. we're raising money for the leukemia and lymphoma society and racing in america's triathlon.

we're having a rockin fundraiser in a few weeks. its gonna be lots of fun- come relax after you run the cap 10k, or drive on over after church, or just mosey on by after you sleep in ;) there will be some great bands, good food, and its all for a fantastic cause.
i went and saw "the passion of the christ" last night. i'm still thinking about it. i'm sure i will be for some time.

one thing is certain: its a beautiful film and masterful effort by all involved.

i left the movie feeling broken, having seen myself in the actions of those that deny him, judge him, disbelieve him, persecute him, and dismiss him. i had a strongly emotional reaction to the film and i really do reccommend you see it if you havent already.


i'm a sucka for advertising. love this new ad.


yes, yes. and yes again! check THIS out.


rainy days like this make me wanna be home in bed, under a blanket, with a book, and a boy.

speaking of my boy- he gave me gorgeous vibrant orange gerber daisies last night. he just never ceases to amaze me.


so why is it *exactly* that i wanna be sydney bristow so bad?

honestly, all you have to do is give me a good, solid indian rug-burn, all of my secrets are yours. i have no tolerance for pain and (though i've never tried it...) i seriously doubt my ability to look even half as hot fighting international crime sydicates while scantily clad.


ladies and gentleman, i have an announcement to make.

you might wanna sit down. for reals. achem. okay...i'm not sure how to say this.

it happened. one of my dreams has come true.

I GOT MY IPOD. 40-freakin-gig, baby! and it was F-R-E-E!! wooo hooo : ) ah, the benefits of working for a company that actually takes care of its employees!

hells yeah. i'm giddy as a school girl.


have you ever thought about how many people think they "know" you because you use the same words and read the same books and talk about the same movies?

how many people really know you? all of you. how many people do you have in your life that accept and celebrate all of your different facets?

i'm a lucky girl.


so long austin! frown. : (

i'm headed to cupertino, california for the next two weeks- aka. apple headquarters. lets hope this training ends up being worthwhile rather than just a bunch o' kool-aid drinking.

just in case... i'll bring my straw.


big news this morning for the ipod : )

the ipod mini! its so cute! and of course is just fueling my growing desire that will surely result in a credit card purchase one of these days!


happy 2004!

i started the year in what is my new tradition- swimming at barton springs! its a bit of a catharsis in a way. it feels good to start the year with overwhelming joy and hope for the upcoming 364 days.

so far i've spent the majority of my year celebrating with friends (check out the pictures on my website) and satisfying this overwhelming desire to organize my house. first came my bedroom- i dare you to try and find a dust bunny left in that room! today started with a trip to target to purchase organizing bins. oh the excitement! hah.