i am going to have to rank the wedding i attended this weekend in my top 5. why?

was it the couple? not really. they are great, but i dont really know them all that well yet.
was it the church? no, i've been to several weddings there.
the flowers? they were beautiful, but no.
the reception? it was a terrific band and dancing was awesome, but still...no.

all of these things contributed to it being such an amazing event, but i genuinely can say that the reason this wedding was 'top 5' for me was my date. being at a celebration of true love with your true love... nothing compares to that!! it was wonderful.

check out our pictures: www.homepage.mac.com/molliedonovan


as most of you know, i'm a captain for the new 'team in training' triathlon team. we're raising money for the leukemia and lymphoma society and racing in america's triathlon.

we're having a rockin fundraiser in a few weeks. its gonna be lots of fun- come relax after you run the cap 10k, or drive on over after church, or just mosey on by after you sleep in ;) there will be some great bands, good food, and its all for a fantastic cause.
i went and saw "the passion of the christ" last night. i'm still thinking about it. i'm sure i will be for some time.

one thing is certain: its a beautiful film and masterful effort by all involved.

i left the movie feeling broken, having seen myself in the actions of those that deny him, judge him, disbelieve him, persecute him, and dismiss him. i had a strongly emotional reaction to the film and i really do reccommend you see it if you havent already.


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