so why is it *exactly* that i wanna be sydney bristow so bad?

honestly, all you have to do is give me a good, solid indian rug-burn, all of my secrets are yours. i have no tolerance for pain and (though i've never tried it...) i seriously doubt my ability to look even half as hot fighting international crime sydicates while scantily clad.


ladies and gentleman, i have an announcement to make.

you might wanna sit down. for reals. achem. okay...i'm not sure how to say this.

it happened. one of my dreams has come true.

I GOT MY IPOD. 40-freakin-gig, baby! and it was F-R-E-E!! wooo hooo : ) ah, the benefits of working for a company that actually takes care of its employees!

hells yeah. i'm giddy as a school girl.


have you ever thought about how many people think they "know" you because you use the same words and read the same books and talk about the same movies?

how many people really know you? all of you. how many people do you have in your life that accept and celebrate all of your different facets?

i'm a lucky girl.


so long austin! frown. : (

i'm headed to cupertino, california for the next two weeks- aka. apple headquarters. lets hope this training ends up being worthwhile rather than just a bunch o' kool-aid drinking.

just in case... i'll bring my straw.


big news this morning for the ipod : )

the ipod mini! its so cute! and of course is just fueling my growing desire that will surely result in a credit card purchase one of these days!


happy 2004!

i started the year in what is my new tradition- swimming at barton springs! its a bit of a catharsis in a way. it feels good to start the year with overwhelming joy and hope for the upcoming 364 days.

so far i've spent the majority of my year celebrating with friends (check out the pictures on my website) and satisfying this overwhelming desire to organize my house. first came my bedroom- i dare you to try and find a dust bunny left in that room! today started with a trip to target to purchase organizing bins. oh the excitement! hah.