you know you want it.

when did i, mollie donovan, get to be so predictable? i cruise into work today in my new ride (ok, technically still on an extended test-drive, but going at lunch to sign the papers), park her proudly in front, walk into work.

within two minutes, a virtual stranger at work that i've talked to maybe twice says, "This is a wild guess, but is that your new Red Subaru in the parking lot?"

um... hello? do i know you? what would make you jump to such a presumption? seriously, is there something about me that just screams RED SUBARU!!! or was that just an anomaly?


how do i do it?

how do i get myself into the situations where inside my head i'm thinking "how did i get here and what am i doing in front of all of these people?"

now, growing up my mother called me a "ham". so what if i love being on camera? so what if i cant resist the lure of widespread audience approval? though i always thought of it as something you outgrow. surely i wouldnt always be that girl who lives for the annual talent show in elementary school...

what i think is funny about it is that there is some kind of switch that flips inside. i go from being the girl who walks through the hall with my eyes directed at the ground in front of me to the girl who stands bravely facing her entire department of 100+ acting like a total idiot... hearing their laughter... secretly loving it.
this week has been fantabulous. (if you dont count the speeding ticket on tuesday morning)

kevin's nephew was born on monday!
jude griffin, 8lbs 4oz

i went to the darkness concert on tuesday.
it was awesome- so entertaining & hilarious

birthday fun on wednesday.
erin's birthday, too much cake & sushi : )

happy hour madness on thursday.
free drinks & a free hp printer! hurray!

now its friday and the weekend awaits with promises of a fun girls' night, a 10k run, mountain bike race, & hopefully some sunny gorgeous days!


my prediction for the weekend? chocolate bunnies, home cooked meals, quality time with friends and family.
the reality of my weekend? nasty food, nasty motels, and quality time with crazy mechanics.

this weekend the true reality of driving a twelve year old car hit hard. as i was crawling through waco in the thick of the easter weekend traffic, rhonda my honda got so pissed she decided we'd gone far enough. the next 20 hours or so is a blur consisting of a tow truck ride, dinner alone at applebees at the bar with weird old guys calling out "cheer up darlin, or we're gonna come sit with you!", lots of sitting on the curb listening to my ipod trying to pretend i didnt look homeless, and empty promises from the manager at a ghetto pep boys.

20 hours and $500 (curses!!) later, in my exhaustion and frustration over having spent the night in waco at a nastay motel by myself, i decided in the end to just turn around and go home when my car was ready.

on my way home i started crying, because of said exhaustion but also because my dad always gives his girls gardenia corsages on easter. its a family tradition that started with his father and i was just so sad to be spending my first easter alone and flower-less. when i was finally home, kevin came over...with a whole bush of gardenias. : )


brenda sent a link this morning to a site that has re-makes of the old g.i. joe psa's. new audio galore. i was laughing so hard i shed a tear.

this one is my favorite: pork chop sandwiches!

seriously. i know its bad, but its so good.


you. me. 80's night at the parish. be there.

eighties night was such roaring good fun saturday night. next time you really must go with me- who can resist a group of sweaty hipster wannabe 80's glam kids dancing and singing loudly in unison to depeche mode? it was the best night out i've had in a while... then again it was also the first night out i've had in a while...

on a totally different topic- i'm feeling entirely weird today. its monday, its rainy, and i'm grumpy. its one of those days when the clutter of life (physical, mental, emotional) feels suffocating. i think its time for some spring cleaning.


lent update: today is day 38 of cheeselessness. i gotta tell you, sometimes i dont miss it at all. in fact, i've realized that some foods are just as good sans cheese. but there are moments... living in texas... when not eating queso just seems... wrong.

i can say with certainty that i've eaten healthier than usual in the past 38 days. no pizza, queso, not a single frozen meal (though they are "smart ones", still not the best choice). but have i replaced my cheese-eating with supplication? so what have i really gained? not pounds! hah.

but no matter what, in 9 days, the love affair will continue.

me + cheese = forever