testing this whole photo posting thing... now were *really* multimedia!


ok math majors... here's a tough one for ya.

what does...

2 movies + swimming & sunning at barton springs + 2 sno cones w/cream + frito pie with friends - working out + 4 cold beers + 2 orders of migas from kerby lane - any kind of stress + 1 really cool rainstorm = ???

the perfect weekend with kevin.


i went to cuba libre last night for their thursday "martinis & manicures" happy hour. the idea is genius. especially the advertised $10 price tag for the combo. the martini? delicious. the nails? worst. manicure. ever.

i think a pre-teen playing dress-up could rival the efforts of this woman. i already took off the poorly applied and really unattractive nail color. but all-in-all, what do you expect for essentially $5, right?

the only other draw-back of being at an all-female marketed event in an enclosed environment? one word... loud.

in reality, it was just an excuse to meet up with some cool chicks after work and just hang out. that part was fun. next time i'll just spend the $ on drinks...


you know life has hit a rut when....

at your local grocery store, standing in the frozen foods aisle, you squeal with delight when you realize that 'lean pockets' have come out with two new varieties.

i purchased both the chicken quesadilla and the new supreme pizza (with whole grain crust!).

i ate the chicken quesadilla for lunch today...and so far i can say, 'bravo, lean pocket people. bravo.'


another night of tossing and turning. yawn.

i had a million thoughts running through my head that i just couldnt calm. i feel like something is in the air and i just couldnt find any peace in my bed last night. finally i got up and went running.

i am headed north today. kevin and i are going to visit big D this weekend. its going to be super fun! we're going to hang with his family tonight and mine tomorrow. my cool aunt patty is coming into town from california too, so i'm excited. my sister and i are doing an olympic triathlon sunday together.

all in all, it promises to be a great weekend. now if i could just get some sleep...


simply let your 'yes' be 'yes' and your 'no' be 'no' - matthew 5:37

that was jesus' advice in the beatitudes.

i saw fahrenheit 9/11 today.

its funny to me that people who are staunchly opposed to the movie are acting in a manner that is exactly what they are supposedly "against". they are making judgements without even viewing the film. what are they so afraid of? are you so unsure in your beliefs that you feel threatened by those that feel differently?

george w. bush is not only an undeserving, dishonest president who is more interested in his own agenda than the lives of innocent american soldiers...but he is horrificly inarticulate and just embarrasing to watch. i'm not sure exactly how anyone ever thought he was intelligent enough or a man whose character was fitting of the presidency of this country.

the movie made me sick to my stomach. watching a mother mourn her son's death fighting in a war that was waged on a country that posed no threat to ours...?

michael moore may be crazy, but at least he's got people thinking about whats really going on in our country. take him or leave him, i'm glad he's bringing important points of debate into the light of day for the average american.