so i realize its completely generic of me to say, but garden state is such a *great* movie and the music in it is equally wonderful. go see/listen/enjoy.

i was thinking about kevin this morning and the fact that he's going to be my husband. i mean, thats big time!! the best thing about it is, i truly feel like he is my best friend. that he, like no one else, can calm me down when i'm upset, can manage my expectations and force me to communicate even when its hard. he never ever makes me feel lonely. he can always make me smile, even when i'm crying, but he doesnt pretend the smile makes the reason i'm crying go away.

the best part about is is that amidst all of these great things, we just laugh and smile and enjoy life together. i turned to him last night when we were watching the olympics and said, when we hang out do you ever feel like we're at a slumber party at our best friend's house? he laughed, agreed, then gave me a wet willy. so i licked his face.


how do you follow up a post that has, like, the best news EVER in it? seriously.

well i guess the next big news is, i think we have a date!

to have and to hold from this day forward: april 23, 2005

now the stressfull part begins... contracts, meetings, appointments, budgets, timelines. its maddness i tell you, maddness! and just like anything, everyone has an opinion for you or wants to tell you about a cake they had once at the wedding of a cousin that was just SO good. or the band they heard that just butchered the couple's first dance song. i just nod and smile.

and of course i use the word 'fiancee' as often as possible. its such a fun word! so hoity toity! i only get to use it with abandon for eight more months : )


hooray! : )

well if that was how to start your day- it certainly only got better... kevin asked me to marry him!!!!



now THIS is the way to start your day. : )


this weekend i floated the river with a group of 15. trying to keep track of 15 increasingly drunk people in innertubes is a bit like herding cats. especially when you are drinking as well.

not to mention that within the first 5 minutes, you lose your sunglasses, beer, and your tube to some mean rapids. and then someone floats up with a found 18pack of coors light that they insist on referring to as their 'booty'. and an hour later you realize the tube you jumped in after you lost yours is not only from a different company than the one you rented from, but also has someone else's cooler tied to it full of beer and their wallet. oh and you lose two people in your group that are then sighted floating sans tube and are bleeding from being scraped across the rocks without protection.

so wait a minute- what is it again about floating the river thats so fun? : )