its official!


i was sitting at my desk this morning and a girl on my team walks past my cube and sees my book titled "saving your marriage before it starts", picks it up, and says, "hey! i read this with my ex-husband!" through my laughter i managed to choke out, thats not the best advertisement i've heard for a pre-marital resource!

in other news...

i got home last night to a package on my front porch. i love that! it was the wedding dress i ordered from jcrew. (i know, who knew jcrew was carrying wedding stuff?!) later in the eve, fed ex rings my doorbell to deliver my amazon order containing my premarital counseling workbooks.

the fed ex guy says, "hey! did you get the jcrew dress i left here yesterday? i was so worried leaving it, how does it look?!" i tried really hard not to laugh and said, its great! thanks! it was definitely a 'cable guy' moment, but seriously, what a cutie to ask!


austin city limits music festival was this weekend. hot. sweaty. dirty. crowded. overwhelming. very different from last year, but definitely remarkable and memorable.

i dont think its fair to say i was disappointed. it really was a great weekend. was it what i expected? hmm...

i think my expectations were unreasonable for this edition of the annual festival. last year i saw it all through the eyes of someone falling in love. i was such a blank slate and i loved every minute of it.

so who knows where i'll be next september...or if i'll be up for three days of sitting in the sun, listening to good music, climbing through 75,000 other people... i hope so.


i had brunch on sunday with my parents in dallas. somehow- dont ask me how!- the topic turned to inhalants. i explained to my mom that i had seen it done in the movie 'thirteen' (wow, how sheltered does that statement make me sound?!).

my dad added that he could always tell when the kids who work in his restaurant had been in the fridge inhaling the gas from whipped cream cans. my mom was in complete denial that people actually do this for 'fun'.

her response? i'd rather eat the whipped cream!

we laughed pretty hard for a few minutes. my dad and i were crying we were laughing so hard. she was dead serious. it was too funny. i just love that lady. i will be so lucky if my kids think i'm half as adorable as i think she is.

i mean she's so cute. she really couldn't understand why someone would waste perfectly tasty whipped cream to get high.


its so bizarre that wedding-speak has taken over so much of my freetime/thoughts that i actually have to clear my head in order to write about something non-nuptual related. i'm one of "those girls".

last week i ventured to Big Red Sun for their wednesday night happy hour. it was super fun- very chill and how can you beat the price? $5 to hear live music and drink all the wine and beer you want! i'll definitely be returning. i also wore my "soon to be mrs. burpo" t-shirt which is always a crowd pleaser. the crowd went to vivo afterward for some yummy grub- it was just such a fun time. i'm not sure exactly what it was- it was just great.

kevin had some friends and their pooches over for burgers on labor day. it was nice to just chill out with friends for a while and watch the dogs romp.

so thats all the news around here! i'm off to tambaleo tonight for drinks and fun.