anyone want to play 'where's waldo?'
things observed over the course of a weekend at austin city limits:

- sweat... a lot of it
- a man who had actually worked his nipples into the design of a full frontal tatoo
- the decemberists are awesome
- millions of particles of dust dancing to the music
- the temperature gauge actually reaching 108
- a girl in high heels. i swear.
- franz ferdinand makes everyone want to dance around
- a middle aged man with a huge pot belly picking up blunts of smoked joints and trying to light them
- a sorority chick wearing a skirt as a dress...and i know this for a fact because i own the same skirt
- 65,000 people all getting along and enjoying themselves
- only one lead singer from a band actually wipe his sweaty shaggy hair away from his face
- hundreds of people roaming around with bandanas/towels/tshirts over their mouths to avoid inhaling too much dust
- every single band making at least one comment about how hot it is
- the whole crowd laughing while jason mraz played an oasis song
- wearing no shirt versus wearing a shirt makes way more of a difference then i would expect - and now i'm even more jealous of boys with bare chests
- girls spending WAY more time and effort trying to impress boys than necessary. (any girl who would dress up in jeans, cowboy boots, heavy necklaces, makeup or anything of the sort in this type of heat should be considered insane and ill fit to date anyway)
- my husband acting as chauffer like the sweet boy he is
- being in the sun for 6+ hours a day wears me out more than it used to


one hundred and eight degrees in austin today. i was outside for six hours of that. whew!

too tired to type...full review of sunday's experience at acl soon to come!

yesterday at the festival was awesome. the heat gets to you at first, but the breeze keeps your sanity in tact. it was definitely not as hot as last year (thank goodness) but it looks like today might rival those temperatures.

in short:
- the frames were rockin
- death cab was good, but didn't draw me in like i expected
- the walkmen were great- very hip crowd
- firey furnaces i did not enjoy. they kinda yell a lot and i spent most of the concert trying to figure out if the lead singer was a boy or a girl
- jet was awesome. they were so into entertaining, by the end they were dripping with sweat
- bloc party kicks butt. their songs make me want to dance around

commentary on sunday's bands and the choice of attire for college and high school girls soon to come.


i thought i'd take a break from all of this ACL talk to bring you this lovely photo of president bush actually asking condoleezza rice if he could go to the bathroom at a UN summit meeting...just in case you need a good chuckle this friday afternoon.

today's joke brought to you by brenda miele:

brenda: knock knock
mollie: who's there?
brenda: banana
mollie: banana who?
brenda: knock knock
mollie: who's there?
brenda: banana
mollie: banana who??!!
brenda: knock knock
mollie: WHO'S THERE?!
brenda: orange
mollie: orange you glad you didnt say banana?

brenda: orange you glad you didn't sell your ACL ticket???!!!



its a twister!!

people in austin have gone completely crazy. we aren't even in the real path of hurricane rita and already i hear the grocery stores are sold out of water bottles and batteries. the latest forecast is acutally much more promising!

in middle school there was some form of natural disaster approaching. it was either a hurricane or blizzard or something - i can't remember. what i DO remember is my mom sending my dad to SAM's to stock up on "essentials" and after an hour he came back with the following:

- 5 pound bag of snack size snickers
- 1 carton of assorted Robitussin cough syrups
- 30 cans evaporated milk

so i guess you could say it runs in my family to plan poorly for events like this, but i have every intention of buying a raincoat before i camp out in the mud for 3 days at zilker park. i'll let you know how it goes!


rita and acl are totally in a fight.


i have proof of how much fun i had at my sister's bachelorette party on saturday... a big brown bruise on the front of my hip bone from going down the waterslide head first one too many times.


i was cleaning out my hotmail inbox the other day. (i hardly ever use my hotmail account anymore since it is 90% spam anyway.) i ran across this email i sent to my sister last november after a night out on the town and it had kevin and i both laughing.

From: Mollie Donovan
Sent: Saturday, November 13, 2004 1:07 AM
Subject: yo

its 1am and i just got to kevin's house. i had to pick him up for the night b/c he started making white russians for himself at home at 5:30. (did i tell you about his recent obsession with white russians?)

we went down to fox & hound to meet up with friends and there were all of these columbian guys there who thought kevin was so funny and kept buying him tequila shots. i made the mistake of leaving him with those guys for an hour. who knows how many shots he took...

then we went to halcyon (the coffee shop with the yummy espresso martinis) and hung out on the couches and met up with some other friends of ours. it was a pretty fun night. except of course i was the designated driver and had to finally tell the columbian guys - named juancho and anjelo- to stop buying kevin drinks.

oh my gosh, can i tell you what just happened? i am sitting here emailing you and i hear the microwave start up and shout, 'hey kevin what are you doing?' and then i hear casey eating something. kevin is drunk and has decided that since he's hungry and making himself a quesadilla, that casey must be hungry too and fed him for the third time today. and no, i'm not

heehee. it just makes me wonder how many of those silly nights we forget about because there isnt a random email to remind you. i wish i was better at journaling. there is just so much to remember.



have you guys been reading this stuff? so you're telling me if i get an internship at the banana republic, i could put "oversaw sales for a banana republic" on my resume and bush might one day put me in charge of U.S. trade with honduras? sheesh. *rolls eyes, hangs head in shame*
i went home at lunch today and let casey into the backyard. we both laid down on the porch and baked in the sun. the concrete was warmer than the sun for once and it felt so wonderful. the sun behind my eyelids brightened and dimmed with the passing clouds and it seemed like my heartbeat was in perfect synch with the vibrating of the air conditioner.

i could have laid there until the concrete swallowed me whole.


i love austin. kevin and i always laugh about how many people gush about austin whenever we are in dallas and then proceed to complain about living there (helloooo? move!). i know people have all kinds of reasons for staying put wherever they are... jobs, kids, etc... but we sure wish more of our friends who loved austin wanted to live down here with us : )

i'm so proud of austin today. not only has austin given more cash donations to the red cross than any other city in texas (despite that we are a fraction the size of big cities like houston, dallas, san antonio)... but now the community has turned out so many material donations, the city officials are actually asking people to stop giving. check this out!


i thought it was interesting to read what newspapers around the world were reporting about the katrina disaster. here is the link:click here
this morning i made it to the gym for a half-ass effort on the elliptical machines. i still can't run. stupid stress fracture.

after i had my share of pseudo running and cnn hurricane coverage, i headed home. i pulled up to a red light sweaty, tired, and ready for a shower. to the left of me is a homeless man with the requisite cardboard sign.

i have an internal struggle every time am in this situation. if only i had a legitimate distraction...i'm not on the phone... i have no one in the car with me... i have nothing to focus my attention on to act like i don't see him... i am just sitting in my car thinking, 'crap.'

i know enough to not give him any money, so i scan my car for food. my ever-present luna bars are scattered around the car. i scrounge up two and roll down my window. i said, "are you hungry?" holding out the s'more flavored luna bars. he comes to the car and says he isn't hungry and asks what the bars are. i said, "they are chocolate granola bars." he reads the label, says "i don't think i like s'mores, but thanks anyway" and goes back to his post on the road median.

then he comes back toward the car - i'm thinking, maybe he changed his mind. nope. he offers me a pencil. he apparently has a stash of wooden #2 pencils that he uses to thank people...

i politely declined. it was really strange. i guess beggars can be choosers.


i never used to even consider gas prices when taking the familiar trip up i-35. i just did the math and my round trip gas to dallas this weekend is going to cost $80.

so when you take into account i am making five trips to dallas in the next two months, that's $400- IF prices stay where they are today. ouch.

i would like to take this time to welcome my anonymous friend from "morgan keegan & company" who checks this blog more than anyone. even more than my mom.