its about time for "the holiday talk." in the donovan household around any major holiday or event, inevitably at some point my dad would gather me, erin, and tim in one room and give us "the holiday talk."

the talk varies from holiday to holiday and usually comes after some kind of argument between us kids, but all in all the jist of the talk is to get along with each other and by all means, not disappoint our mother. he always closed it out with a fairly grumpy, but stern "now, we're going to have a good Christmas dammit." of course you can fill in the blank with any holiday or vacation, etc.

the best part about the holiday talk is, it actually worked. he would remind us that his first priority was making sure my mom had a good time and that we didn't ruin her holiday with bickering and pulling each other's hair.

so this time, i think "the holiday talk" is going to have to pull double duty. some people, and you know who you are, have already started bickering before Christmas (or erin's wedding) are even upon us. so this time its my turn, and i promise to do my part to uphold my end of the bargain.. but "we're going to have a good Christmas AND wedding, dammit."


today's post is dedicated to meg jones.

Satellites. And, What are they?
by Casey Burpo

we love ya, me with a g!


blogs are tricky little things. its funny- i can post pictures of my sweet puppy, my adorable neice, links to my wedding pictures- all without any kind of hub bub or upheaval. then i post something remotely amusing (that, by the way, was forwarded to me in the first place) and everyone has something to say!

in other news, casey is home and recovering well this evening. (is that not the saddest face to ever don a satellite?!) i swear, i am going to be the most paranoid mother on earth if this is any indication. at the slightest whimper or cry, i am by his side, petting him, making sure everything is okay.

the only slightly funny sight is of his shaved legs and butt- with a furry tail stuck in the middle like a soul patch. i would have taken a picture of that, but there is a whole process involved in having him stand up... plus its kinda mean. : )

i know its kinda ridiculous the lengths we will go to for pets these days, but i am also so thankful that we are able to provide him with this kind of care!

from my satellite dog to yours, merry christmas.


you just never know what you are going to come across on the internet...

this is the one, the only, cortney bailey. a fellow kappa kappa gamma member from college, she is now starring in a flick called "12 Hot Women" and is soon to be seen on the latest and greatest edition of the television show "the bachelor."

i swear, i cant make this stuff up.
check out it!


i just came home to change my underwear. i just about crapped my pants at the vet this morning when i got the quote for casey's knee surgery.

apparently because of his size, we've had to upgrade to a TPLO surgery. what does this jargon mean? it means casey is going to have a permanent metal plate on his knee and the price tag just skyrocketed to $2,500.


after this, casey had better make it big with his high kick routine to pay us back.


is there anyone out there that can tell me WHY i have a record in my cell phone address book for a "tammy" with a 303 area code?

how weird is that. i dont know a tammy! does that ever happen to you?

kevin has the most organized cell phone address book i've ever seen. every entry is a uniform Last name, First name. oh yes, until we had been married for months my record was still "Donovan, Mollie". i finally convinced him that being his wife, i was pretty sure he didn't need to refer to me by last name so now i'm just "Mollie".

i should just call the number and figure out who this is....


i'm watching 'grease' on tv right now and so far every single dress i've seen at the big dance could easily be on the racks right now at anthropologie.

all of the cute caplet shrugs and full skirts- its cracking me up. i wonder what bad movie i'll be watching in 10 years and suddenly realize that style is completely in fashion again... lets hope its nothing from the mid 90s a la 90210.


s - c - o - t - s, we're the scots, we're the best.

my alma mater, good old HP, is headed to the high school state football championships this weekend. go scots!

whew. that was tiring. i just dredged up more school spirit than i had probably my entire high school career.


what's that you said, lucy? i'm your FAVORITE aunt?!

aww...so sweet!

look at me!! i'm lucy!!

aren't i fabulous and adorable?! hooray for me!

what's that you said, dad?

mollie is my coolest aunt? i totally agree.


i've attended two doctors appointments this week. one for me, one for casey.

the first was my annual exam. girls know that is slang for "the gyno". it was your usual slightly uncomfortabe appointment. now i don't dread the annual exam, but i certainly see it as a necessary evil.

of course my appointment was with the nurse practitioner, whom i have never met. so as this total stranger sticks her hand where no stranger's hand has gone before, i winced slightly and she said, "wow, i guess you don't like this."

ummmm hello?! who DOES like this? i thought that was the craziest comment. i wanted to say, "oh no, i actually love it." i mean, what should creep her out more, someone who winces or someone who seeems to be enjoying that moment?

moving right along to casey's appointment. anyone who has visited with our son lately may have noticed his slight limp. on and off the past couple of months he has been favoring one of his back legs. the doctor had to knock him out for a few minutes to test his leg and we got the bad news... casey has a stretched/torn ACL.

yeah thats right, the girl who is insanely prone to sports injuries has a dog who needs orthoscopic surgery on his knee.

the good news? it looks like everyone in the burpo family has lost weight since the wedding. its clear that kevin has (hello?! skin & bones!). but it was nice to see after casey's and my appointments that we are eating right. casey is down to a slim 79 pounds!