we have a guest columnist today...

why lent rules
by mollie's liver

i have to say this past week has been absolute heaven for me- can you believe this has been my first full week of vacation in probably 5 years?! i swear, sometimes mollie just doesnt realize how hard my job is.

mollie can be so self-centered- she just thinks of herself and doesnt consider that girls' night with a bottle of shiraz is serious work for me. and don't get me started on the tequila quantities that chick drinks in the summer. sheesh.

well i'm off for a massage- i could really get used to this vacation stuff- and i still have 34 days left!


kevin and i had a meeting last night to discuss how we are going to handle our finances as a couple. i picked up pei-wei and headed to his house around 8.

the talk went well... we work very well together on strategic things like money.

the funny part of the evening came when i opened my fortune cookie that read:



i think i'm going to give up being a sailor for lent...

no drinking.
no smoking.
no swearing.

man, does that sound boring or what? ok, ok, so i already have the no smoking thing under control. its been just over a year now since i quit the daily puffing.

but no drinking and no swearing?! that would take some effort.

the more i think about it the more i'm not sure i want to spend 40 of my last 80 days as a single girl sober....