yesterday was the best day of my life.

my wedding day was the most exciting, fulfilling, heart-warming, anticipated, life-changing, love filled, wonderful, glorious, memorable, amazing day of my life.

it was every single bit the day i've dreamed of my entire life. kevin and i worked toward that day for eight months, and it was exactly what we were hoping for. today begins the rest of our lives as husband and wife - now the real work begins! we smiled and looked at each other this morning and said, "well, we told everyone yesterday what our marriage is going to be - and now its up to us and God to make sure its exactly that!"

i could really go on and on and on about the day. in fact, i'm going to do just that in my journal so that every moment, every memory, every bit of the past three days will stay with me forever. what a gift this weekend has been.

so what could possibly follow the best day of your life?! well, not the best day of your life! hah. i've been pretty weepy and emotional today and i'm sure there is plenty of that yet to come as well. its a HUGE change and i'm just on the brink of understanding what it all really means for me.

we are off to our honeymoon tomorrow...i am thrilled and cannot wait to continue the celebration!


public service announcement:

despite what all of those skinny brides tell you, you will not necessarily lose weight before your wedding.

you know how they were like, "yeah, its crazy but you just lose a bunch of weight without trying!" and "the pounds just kinda fell off for weeks before the wedding."

they were lying. well, maybe not lying, but they certainly weren't talking about you.

yeah, you know who you are. you were hoping the dress wouldnt be *quite* so tight and you'd lose at least 5 pounds. you were mistaken. you who are now just a slight bit worried about how tight the dress is... yes i'm talking to you!

well on a positive note... maybe i'm not losing weight b/c i'm just really happy! i'm not having a problem eating because i'm not really all that worried about anything. i'm not losing sleep because i know everything will happen exactly as ordained.

heck, look on the bright side, now i won't be one of those 60 year-old ladies who constantly says comments like "do you know how much i weighed at my wedding?! one hundred pounds!" i'll be that crazy old lady that says, "do you know how fast my triathlon was the month after my wedding?!"

hah. lets hope!


compound fractures...

the stress from the past few weeks has been compounding in the last few days. my patience was wearing thin. i was headed for a fracture...or at least a breakdown.

i woke up this morning with a grumble. my alarm startled me out of deep sleep at 7am and i groaned out loud, "its saturday! i don't wanna get up early on saturday anymore!"

i dragged butt out of bed, threw my bike on my car, and grudgingly went down to south austin for triathlon practice. our workout today was a pretty intense hour and a half of cycling followed by a quick jog.

i hammered the crap out of that ride and ran my butt off. i feel like i focused all of that negative energy i've been having and left it all on the road. i feel 100% better than i did yesterday.

only 7 days to go!


i'm not in the best mood ever. see previous post for reference.

i know deep down that next saturday could not be anything but perfect - no matter what happens. i just get a little sink in my heart and pit in my stomach when i think about the possibility of not just sprinkles, but RAIN.

yes, its worthless to even spend time worrying. yes, i know that what is meant to happen that day will indeed happen. yes, i'm being slightly bridezilla-ish. yes, i've prayed about my attitude regarding the subject. and YES, i know i do not want to let anything, even weather, put even the smalled damper on my perspective about my wedding day.


bigger sigh.


you know how when you're trying to lose weight, the scale can dictate how you feel about yourself for the day? a mere digital read-out can make you jump up and down squealing or cause you to kick said digital device and grab your 'fat' jeans off the shelf in your closet in dismay...

these days i live and die by accuweather. my moods and my stress level can be easily forecasted based on the current weather predictions for my wedding day.

it all started when some random chick gave me the farmers almanac forecast for april 23rd - 80% chance of rain. i contemplated bitch-slapping her.

so then i started a countdown to the day my precious april 23rd would show up on the accuweather forecast. i even wrote in on my calendar so i wouldn't forget. i did this months ago.

on saturday, the debut of my wedding day on the 15-day forecast, i jumped around cheering "83 and sunn-nny, 83 and sunn-nny!" then by monday, it had petered out to a dismayed, "showers?! how can you go from '83 and sunny' to 'SHOWERS'?!! i understand going from 'mostly cloudy' to 'showers', but how can this be?!!"

accuweather, why do you tease me?

as of today, i'm settling for partly sunny and 72. don't even get me started on how they can drop the temperature 12 degrees in 4 days... how do these people keep their jobs?!!

so think of me tomorrow...the day april 23rd shows up on the weather.com 10-day forecast.

i hope i'm in a good mood tomorrow...


we're in the teens people.

19 and counting...


spring forward.

seriously. i can't remember a spring when not only i, but so many of my friends and family were springing forward. new jobs, new babies, new engagements, and soon...a new marriage.

its been quite the leap.

now i'm off to run a 10k : )