my dog has fleas.

no, this isnt the intro to a cheesy country song - its the facts. poor casey is a scratchaholic these days. i had to go buy a bunch of flea medicine and house fogger to get rid of the little bugs. i locked casey in the kitchen while the fogger settled into the rest of the house.

casey + the kitchen = a recipe for disaster.

he ate all of my bananas and opened my boxes of luna bars. kevin and i laughed and laughed imagining casey singing the chorus of gwen stephani's song b-a-n-a-n-a-s while wreaking his havoc.


there is a car dealership in town - champion something... i honestly have no idea what make of car they sell. all i know is, they have a radio commercial in which the jingle is :

who ya gonna call? call champion!

now, i am the first to admit that ghostbusters was a great movie... in 1984. yes, thats right, they are using the over-quoted tagline-slash-theme song from a twenty one year old movie to try and sell cars.

does this seem odd to anyone but me? who exactly is this targeted towards? granted, i remember the name of the dealership due to this ill fitting jingle - but i dont remember anything about their commericals other than the fact that they bug the crap out of me.


i just walked down the hall to the gym and it was the second time in two days that i have seen a girl wearing knee-high black leather boots... at work no less. i'm not even talking about semi-hip stiletto boots - these have both been circa 1998, with chunky heels and all.

could someone send these ladies a memo to let them know that: 1) its summer (in texas) and 2) those boots are ugly.


so the new look for the site is in honor of all of the green things i'm eating. i know its not very 'spicy' or 'hot ta-mollie', but its very representative of my life right now.

i would also like to say that men in suits are HOT. kevin and i went suit shopping for him last night and boy, the instant that jacket goes on, the HOT radar goes off...
kevin fell off the wagon and directly into the nearest taco cabana. sad but true.

me? i'm still trucking along with my new veggie friends...



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my induction into vegan life began bright and early this morning with an 'ultimate meal' smoothie.

it ain't pretty, people. but honestly, even though the first couple of sips tasted like liquified broccoli... after a while it kinda started to taste o.k.


the vegan chronicles**

i headed off to the first meeting of the "beef up your inner vegan" challenge tonight. kevin came with me because he wanted to be supportive - and after hearing the overwhelming benefits - he decided to join me for the next six weeks. we are actually pretty excited about it - we went straight to whole foods and spent a ridiculous amount of money on food that will probably only last us two days.

its interesting what different peoples' reactions have been to hearing that i'm jumping on the vegan wagon - at least temporarily. people can be really defensive of their own way of eating without even realizing what they are defending. but i guess we can all be that way about some things...

in other news, i'm considering buying THIS shirt... as i'm sure it will get some laughs when i'm grumpy from my dairy withdrawl mood swings.

** disclaimer... this post written while enjoying the last wonderful drops of a ben & jerry's chunky monkey pint, effectively ridding my house of the last ounces of dairy. scary thought!! **


what a great weekend - i laughed so hard and had so much fun. it was just great.

we were at the lake with four other couples (when did my life suddenly become noah's ark at events?) and we just had a blast. its really interesting how quickly boys who don't know each other very well can become friends. why arent girls more like that? i so wish they were.

so here's to brittany and jay for having us out to their place! it was wonderful!


binge week...

i have been eating like crazy this week... i've had pizza...twice, nachos...twice, ice cream, and lots of queso. my six week experiment as a vegan starts on monday - i was having such a great time eating to my little heart's content!

then i saw THIS and really meat sounds like about the LAST thing i feel like eating right now.

i guess i can just think of that anytime i start craving dairy or meat... yeah. i think that will definitely do the trick.


well another week is flying by - we are headed to a college friend's lake house tomorrow after work to hang out with the baylor peeps. i'm really excited - its a fun group and i could definitely use a lazy weekend in the sun.

in other news, i got a soccer mom haircut. sad but true... i'll get used to it soon enough but for now i'm going to keep looking in the mirror thinking, 'who is that lady and does she drive a mini van?'