ok, i dont want to harp on how poorly dressed people at work are, but i can't help myself. i am certainly thankful for our relaxed dress code around the office, but seriously some people take it a little far.

i just saw a girl in the hall wearing black running shoes (you know the kind that a waiter would wear) with white tube socks. she had on navy leggings and what appeared to be a "scrubs" top. it was printed and cut just like a pair of scrubs.

i swear.


it was a regular saturday morning - i met two gals for a planned 45 mile bike ride. we headed off into the great unknown with a map in my pocket and returned 5 hours later, battered, bleeding, and tired in a stranger's pickup truck.

we were so taken in by the scenery that at about mile 15 we missed our turn and went another 20 miles down a road through the hill country. katie got a flat. it started pouring down rain. the map i drew in ink got wet and bled until it was illegible. casey fell off her bike. we rode farther and farther away from our route.

finally we flagged down a pickup truck to find out where we were. the nice guy (ironically named kevin) let us know that we were indeed only a few short miles from johnson city - yes, thats right, johnson city!

the guy miraculously offered us a ride back to austin and threw our bikes in his truck bed. thank goodness for crew cabs! he was an arborist and he was actually working, so we learned how to properly unload a trailer full of brush, that chickens like to eat other injured chickens, and so much more! : )

thankfully we found a safe way home and had lots of laughs along the way, despite the series of unfortunate events. i just wont be planning any trips out to the hill country again any time soon.


i was making a salad yesterday (my usual lunch) and i pulled the bag of salad out of the fridge. i am lazy and therefore buy pre-packaged salads that come with a little bag of walnuts and cranberries inside to make my life a little bit easier. i opened the salad bag and when i poured it into the bowl - i realized they had accidentally included two of the goodie bags in my salad.

i actually exclaimed "woohoo!!" out loud and then realized i was really glad no one else was around to see that...