things found in the process of cleaning out my cubicle:
loose change, lots of it
fabric swatches for bridesmaids dresses
lists and lists of bands for CD compliations
old fashioned christmas lights
old gumballs
a glass etched plaque with my name on it
my nametag with my maiden name on it
an easter basket

and lots and lots of trash.
the most precious baby i've ever laid eyes upon...

lucy victoria donovan
8 pounds 13 ounces
october 26, 2005


i am not in the army, nor do i ever plan to be, so why oh WHY did i think that bootcamp class at my gym would be a good idea yesterday? i am in pain. the kind of pain that makes you walk like you are 85 and wish you had never heard the word "lunges".

the bright side? when i recover, i get to have sex with a semi-pro cyclist! check this out! i'm so proud of him!


"bummer man... he delivers."
- father of the bride

i started crying today when i found out i have to use an HP computer at my new job. its not all about the computer. it just made me realize how bummed out i am about leaving apple. i think thats the best description of it.

the thought working on a windows machine bums me out. windows blows. thinking of not being at apple bums me out. i'm not sad about leaving my job- my job sucks. but working at apple? man, its amazing.

its been an amazing experience to work for one of the most recognized and admired brands in existence. its been wonderful to work for a visionary like steve jobs. i'm going to miss it.


i went downtown today to have lunch at the roaring fork with the three big-wigs from design reactor. it was a party of four: me, the ceo, the president, and the key strategist. someone in my head is singing that seasame street favorite "one of these things is not like the other one"

as i waited for the rest of my lunch bunch to arrive i had to hold back the giggles watching tens of hundreds of thirty-something men saying things like "business plan" and "hows the PL on that". they all walked by wearing their starched button down shirts and black pants with shiny belts. its just so out of my realm! its a big day at apple if someone actually has on a belt... and an even bigger day if the belt matches their shoes.

the meeting went really well and i formally handed over my signed offer letter. i am really excited about their plans for austin and i have a good feeling about this new venture.

i strolled back into work, slowly slipping into a food coma from the delicious lunch, and stopped cold when i saw a giant sign meant to encourage us to start out this new quarter strong. it said "pick up the pace!!" and was on a table of complimentary chips and salsa. so ask me again if i'm gonna miss this job....


i know i keep making empty promises that i'm going to stop making fun of the people i work with and how dorky they are, but in two weeks i'll be working solo and i'll have much less material to work from.

i came to work this morning and was greeted by flyers everywhere announcing the new "apple chess club". now i can respect someone's desire to play a nerdy game like chess, and when i'm 80 i am sure i will enjoy a rousing 'check mate', but at work?? what is going on here?

the newly formed club is going to meet on mondays at 7pm... after work....but in one of the work meeting rooms. um... yeah. the flyer also says its "byob" (bring your own board) and that "beginners to pro are welcome". what the heck does that mean? is there such a thing as a professional chess player??

nerds. i work with nerds.
i was so excited to find out this weekend that our wedding video is almost complete!! they have posted our "highlight video" online if you want to check it out: go here!

i have watched it probably 10 times and if i'm being totally honest- i started crying before it even started playing the first time : ) it just completely captures how HAPPY we were that day.


my fortune cookie last night read: A man does not know what he is capable of until he tries.

i gave my two weeks notice this morning at work. on my 28th birthday i will begin a new adventure at design reactor.

i will have to adjust to life without constant chatter of 100 other people in my hometown of cubeville. life without a rearview mirror on my computer to stay on top of things. being miromanaged to the point where i am told exactly how many phone calls i am required to make in a day. life without an access badge attached permanently to my hip.

i'm going to have to get used to life downtown in the hustle & bustle of austin, relying independently on myself for results and success. life at an agency surrounded by creative people doing really interesting work. answering to the president directly on how things are going and if i am going to hit my targets.

whew... gotta take a deep breath.


i should be ashamed of myself, but you HAVE to read this - click here


confessions of a 28 year-old newlywed sales girl:

- i fake cell phone calls when i don't want to talk to people in public. yes, even you.*
- i rudely honk at bad drivers and curse at them for doing things i did two miles back.
- i make excuses for my music choices when people get into my car and my stereo is blasting christian music.
- i look inside the kleenex after i blow my nose.
- i pretend to make fun of kevin when he wants to go to the macaroni grill but i secretly love their eggplant parmesan.
- in classes at the gym i secretly hope other people in the class are jealous of me.
- i was recently offered a job by a company that apparently has more faith in me than i have in myself. and thats a shame.
- i've never spent more than $50 on a pair of shoes in my life... and no one that matters cares.
- when julie told me the compliment her mom gave me after her rehearsal dinner, i prentended to laugh and shake it off, but i think about it often because it is one of the nicest compliments i've ever recieved
- i secretly registered for wedding gifts cheesy people would want to give and returned them all
- i don't pray enough. even though i always feel better, act better, love better when i pray more often.
- i wear pajamas so seldomly that i almost always forget to pack them on trips- even to my inlaws' house.

so what's your confession?

*today's post inspired by post secret


my weekend in pictures...

i spent exactly 3 1/2 hours cleaning out my closet yesterday. it was a frighteningly large endeavor but now, the fruits of my labor are a clean and organized closet of clothes i actually want to wear!

i got rid of roughly 1/4 of my clothes and am still a little heavy on the casual wear, but i saw the error of my ways when i counted 36 t-shirts in the stack. now we're down to a respectable 12. the good thing about cleaning out my closet when kevin is gone is that i can't use him as a distraction to avoid all of that work... and no one is around to see that i'm wearing my wedding veil while i'm doing it.

the hard things to get rid of are the sentimental clothes. i have held on to a pair of jeans since my senior year of high school. i wore them through college, kept them as my hopefull "skinny" jeans through the heavy years, and rejoiced when weight watchers got me back to the point where i could slip them on. i thought they were SO cool when i bought them. they are all torn up and patched and soft. i wore them with pride to a jackopeirce concert in college- i remember looking at myself in the mirror in collins room 403 thinking, "oh yeah these jeans are HOT." that was the night the lead singer gave katy a hug and we put their bumper sticker on my car and drove around for hours.

i've packed them up and moved them around austin with me and now i'm finally getting rid of them. its hard to let go of all of that!

saturday was the day of football at the burpo house. we are not really sports spectators - we lean more heavily on the participation side of things. it is rare that we would both sit down and actually watch more than one football game in a row (especially on a saturday with gorgeous cycling weather) but there were so many great games on! casey was so excited that tech AND baylor won that he had a little too much shiner and sacked out on the couch.

and yes, i am working on getting an actual digital camera and not subjecting you to crappy picture phone pics anymore!


i was driving down the drag yesterday looking for a place to park and i noticed something interesting. and, no, it wasnt the requisite 'homeless' twenty-somethings with dreadlocks selling trinkets made of some form of hemp with a cute little puppy tied to what is probably a hemp rope. they are always there.

i parked and started searching my car for loose change when i noticed that the street went:
metered parking spot, metered parking spot, metered parking spot, handicap spot.

am i the only jerk out there thinking, "hey! how come the handicap spot doesn't have a parking meter?"

oh... i guess i am. crap.


i love this picture of kevin and i enjoying ourselves at rusty and andrea miller's wedding.


what i did this weekend
by casey burpo

when momma told me i was going to get to go to dad's bike race with her i was soooo excited i almost wagged my tail off my butt, but when we got there it was so hot all i could do was pant and drink water.

i even tried to hide under a big suburban to get away from the sun, but it didn't help much...

so i just kept drinking more water. mom thought i looked like a giant gerbil, but i didn't care b/c that ozarka goodness was the only thing keeping me alive. it is HOT!

i was so tired by the time we got home i tried sleeping anywhere i could... but dad's face is not nearly as comfortable as it looks.

ahhhh, much better! snug as a bug in a rug

but now its monday again and i'm bored. but at least i'm not hot!


why i would prefer to live in texas rather than new jersey based entirely on reality television.

first of all i would like to point out that people on reality television from texas are attractive!

the first reality show celeb i was particularly happy to see hailing from our great state- shannon from the inaugural season of 'the bachelor'. was it just me, or was she not awesome!? she had a cute weimaraner and she wasn't taking no crap from nobody. she was a classy gal who wasn't sure about the whole premise of the show and was not sad to see alex go when he chose the easy girl from kansas instead. (shame on you kansas, i thought you had better morals than that)

this brings us to the amazing race. now some of you may remember that my sister and i tried out for this show, made it to the second round of interviews, were not chosen and subsequently no longer can bring ourselves to watch it- but for a season or two i was all over that show. blake and paige from season two were the runner-up arlington natives who were just to cute for their own good. i mean you have to be at least a little mean to win those shows.

kelly clarkson. need i say more? the girl is now the queen of the "angry but thoughtful white girls who sing the verse of the song and kinda scream the chorus" genre. plus she's one of what my husband refers to as "skinny big girls" and she's proud of it!

any fans of the apprentice out there? amy was the best- and represented for texas in a big way. she was the last woman standing on the apprentice's first season and the only remotely racy thing she did was make-out with one of her fellow contestants... and who can blame the girl for wanting a little tongue?

my pride of texans on reality tv did falter quite a bit with the release of "sheer dallas" on TLC. i choose to believe that the people on that show, while they may be representative of dallas, are not representative of texas. i also only saw one episode of the show... so i do not have enough knowledge to speak to the matter properly. i realize this show puts my entire theory into question, but i must press on.

now i would like to take a moment to explain why i chose new jersey as my example of a state i would not want to live in, based entirely on reality television. i will admit upfront that my choices of shows for this section is questionable at best as they are both on MTV. the first being "real life" and the second being "my super sweet sixteen".

last year an episode of real life aired called "i'm in a summer share" all about people who rent houses together on the jersey shore. this was my first real introduction to jersey 'style' (which i put in quotation marks because i do not believe it is actually style-ish).in case you missed this groundbreaking documentary on shore rats, let me catch you up. acrylic nails, big hair, horrible accents, guido beefy guys, etc. all i can say is, "ew."

on to the latest episode of sweet sixteen. this show is horrible and it mainly focuses on brats who are unappreciative and selfish... but man they can throw some great parties! that is, up until last week. this episode featured a girl named "cindy" who is from staten island and lives in jersey. not only was she the usual level of brat/selfish but her party was crap!

yes thats right, i'm basing my desire to not live in new jersey (or staten island for that matter) on a sixteen year old's birthday party. but seriously, you had to see the episode to understand. her party compared to the others on the show is like comparing brie to ez cheese. its just not even a suitable alternative. the horrible accents make the show a bit hard to watch, not to mention the stereotypical overprotective brothers who would apparently rather get tattoos and groom their facial hair than learn proper grammar.

exibit a: a picture from the show of the big brother and the guy who came dressed as "prince charming".

i'll wrap this up by saying, clearly i watch too much television (or at least too much MTV) but i hope you will agree with the following synopsis: people from texas are generally cute and they kick ass on reality tv and accents from new jersey are ick.

disclaimer: for the sake of my argument i would like to admit that i have chosen to disregard jessica and ashlee simpson from this essay and my reasons are two-fold.

1) jessica and nick made a pretty smart move by signing the contract for that show. who cared about them until 'newlyweds' anyway??
2) ashlee simpson is not from texas anymore...at least if its up to me. she is so LA its ridiculous.