and the winner is.......

after just a few quick moments with this sweet girl, we were sold! she is the mom of the puppy litter that originally stole our hearts. weighing in at a mere 30 pounds, she is tiny in boxer standards and is still a puppy herself.

the appeal of getting a gal who was already crate trained and housebroken was enough to sway our decision- and her incredibly sweet personality made it an easy choice!

we have tried out several names and so far i think the most fitting name is "bea". its a cute boxer pun (float like a butterfly, sting like a bee) and there is something about her face that makes her look like an old soul, so a granny name like "bea" just seems to fit. (who doesn't love bea arthur?!)

props to jaque on the name idea- love it!!


in order to understand the underlying humor of this story, you must know 3 facts.

1. kevin and i are obsessed with our dog
2. our dog's name is casey, but his nickname is bubba
3. kevin likes to somehow incorporate casey's name into song lyrics and sing to him

kevin went to the mavericks game with friends the other night- he was pretty excited to finally live in a city with professional sports! he came home late and a little bit drunk. he picked up the guitar and proceeded to drive me crazy by playing a version of "la bamba" ("la, la, la, la, la bam-ba") that went....

"c, c, c, ca-sey bub-ba! c, c, c, ca-sey bub-ba, he's casey bubba, c, ca-asey bub-ba!"

at least its a step up from the seemingly unending christmas season where "casey paws" replaced "santa claus" in just about every song and i was seranaded with "here comes casey paws, here comes, casey paws, right down casey paws lane!"


anyone want to vote on which puppy we should get?

puppy #1

puppy #2

puppy #3

we are really excited! we are adopting a girl from the local boxer rescue organization. we had our home visit/interview today and passed with flying colors! if everything works out, we should bring home our girl in just a few weeks!


i had a fantastic weekend. friday night kevin and i dorked it up at bed, bath & beyond like the boring married couple that we are. saturday started with a trip to the gym with katy followed by a yummy lunch and poolside lounging.

later saturday i drove out to ft. worth with the cotherns for the concert and had a blast. patty was phenomenal as usual! the miscellaneous fun included a yard of daquiri... which always spells out f-u-n!

a fuzzy picture of me enjoying my drink at the concert


well so far my dallas weekends have rocked! friday night we went to lee harvey's. i can tell that lee harvey's will be a favorite here in big D. it was such a cool place with a great group of people... and dogs! casey is really excited about going sometime soon.

saturday night katy, amanda, & meg hosted a 'welcome to dallas' party for us. we had such a good time! it was great to see everyone out and about to give us a warm welcome.

this weekend is going to be as "austin" as you can get... patty griffin concert saturday night and shawn colvin on sunday. now THAT sounds good!


come on over!
7043 bucknell, dallas, texas 75214


kevin and i took casey to the playground- one of his favorite places on earth. kevin was in true 5 year-old fashion, playing on a rocking horse and casey decided to attack!

if one more person makes 'the face' when we answer the question "where are you moving to?" and they hear "dallas".... i swear i'm going to scream.

you know...'the face'. its a mixture of disappointment/ disgust/ nausea/ disbelief/ confusion. it breaks your heart, thats what it does. it makes it feel like you are letting everyone down- its almost as if they thought you were cool, good people... but not if you're choosing to live in dallas!

i even got 'the face' yesterday morning at church. our sweet pastor even prayed for us by asking "Lord, when you are done with these two up in Dallas, please send them home to us right away."

i don't know when its going to hit me that i'm leaving. even my afternoon alone at barton springs yesterday didn't feel like a 'goodbye'. probably on sunday night this weekend when we don't pack up the car and head back to austin...


last night we had our going-away party and it was so much fun. its always interesting to be surrounded by a group of people that all hold the memories of a different part of my experience here - triathlon friends, team in training friends, work friends... it was great.

this afternoon my sweet husband is cleaning and packing our house while i am going swimming at barton springs- it is a gorgeous day and i am so happy i get to spend it there. i know i will make it a point to visit anytime i am in town- so its definitely not the last!

we have a LOT of packing to do still and its going to be a busy week!


let's hope his sense of balance is better than hers....


kevin and i are headed up to dallas tonight for a meeting first thing tomorrow at our title company. we are signing our lives away... i mean buying a house!

i keep looking at the pictures of the house that i have on my computer because i can't really believe that its going to be ours tomorrow! i am so excited!!

its weird, i'm exactly where i thought i would always be at 28... happily married, healthy, parenting a sweet dog, buying a house. its all so predictable. maybe i'll dye my hair pink or something...

eh, probably not.


dallas people suck at evites.

i have personally made this judgement call based on the fact that not one single friend of mine that katy invited to our "welcome to dallas" party has accepted the invite (other than family). there are a couple of yes's on there, but those are kevin's friends or people i've met through katy.

so, as you can see, its easier to tell myself that "dallas people suck at evites", than really think about the fact that so far my college friends aren't exactly wow-ing me with their warm welcome.

as much as it sucks, maybe its good to be reminded that a lot has changed in the past 6 years while i was enjoying life down here in austin. i know i have always had this utopian idea that everyone in dallas is still best friends and hangs out together all of the time... but its just not true. life happens, things change... i get that.

is it too much to ask for people to stop by and welcome us to town? i wish it wasn't... but in this case, it looks like it just might be.
i did something for the first time this weekend... i joined a group ride from a local bike shop all by my lonesome.

i have always been either too lazy or too insecure to join group rides because, well frankly they scare me a little bit! you just never know who is going to show up or if you are going to be the slowest person in the group.

i pulled up to jack & adam's on sunday morning and to my surprise- i held my own on the 35 mile ride! i actually hung with the lead group of all guys through the whole ride! now, these weren't hard-core cyclists, but they were cyclists! and they were guys!!

i have really enjoyed doing more cycling lately- i am really going to miss that in dallas. but at least now i know, i can join a group ride every once in a while : )

as an update on the knee situation... i am having an mri on thursday and it looks like i'll be holding out on surgery until i'm up in dallas in may. until then.... i'll be out on my bike!


kudos to two members of my tri team for making the news!!

check it out!