i have seen entirely too much of britney spears lately. after her train-wreck of an interview on dateline with matt lauer, i would have been pretty happy not seeing her again for years.

then i saw this:

what the HECK?! first of all, the haircolor is a mistake. secondly, you aren't demi moore, nor will ashton kutcher mistake you for her, so please refrain from posing pregnant and nude. and thirdly, the majority of americans have a stomach that sticks out farther than that- you aren't impressing anyone.


it seems i am in the habit of posting pictures on mondays....

i have a feeling lucy will forever have tim wrapped around her tiny little fingers with one look from those big blue eyes...

see what i mean about those eyes?!

i am a proud aunt!

and a proud mom... casey loves his rope!

speaking of big beautiful eyes that i can't resist...


congratulations to thunderpants, the destroyer for a solid showing at last night's us world guitar championships.
we're proud of ya, john!


an open letter to everyone who works out at the gym on mondays:

hello. i was hoping that i could give you a little advice... if you aren't going to bother coming to the gym a few times a week, why bother coming at all? really, i know you have the best of intentions and that you think you are starting the week off on a good foot, but lets be honest with ourselves. we both know that you aren't going to show up again until next monday.

so instead of being falsely optimistic and in the process overcrowding the gym beyond belief and putting a crimp in my workout plan... just skip it and go home. leave me and my workout in peace and don't make me stand in line for the treadmill.

whew. now that we've gotten that out of the way, i assume i'll be seeing you in january. don't get me started on the 'new years resolution' crowd.


thanks to the modern wonder of the world known as craigslist, pearl is now the happy owner of a 6 acre home full of kiddos to play with and a new 1 year-old dog brother.

let's all wish her the best of happiness!!


adopt me!!

sweet pearl is looking for a new home. she is a 3 year-old bloodhound with a sweet disposition and a lot of love to give. email me if you are interested in meeting her or want more info!


on your first day of work at my new job i was given a survey to complete. a few days later, one of the HR reps came to take my picture and then emailed my survey and photo out to the entire company so that everyone can get to know me.

i recieved one of these surveys in my inbox today. the picture shows a woman in her 40s who is new to the office this month. Her answer when asked "What is your favorite movie?"...

Kill Bill, which I like to watch while holding my [replica] samurai sword.

...and for some reason I really don't think she is kidding.


happy friday, everyone! here are some puppy pics from this morning. i know, i know. i'm obsessed. but the first step is admitting there is a problem :)

casey and bea love getting in our bed in the morning while i am getting ready for work

how CUTE is this dog?!
ps. is it my imagination, or is casey starting to get gray hair on his face?


am i the only person out there who completely disagrees with the definition of the term 'bi-weekly'. i swear, i have to remind myself everytime someone says it that it means 'once every two weeks'. to me, it clearly means 'twice a week'.

the same goes for bi-annual and bi-monthly... i tell ya, its just not logical.

in other news, katy's blog about the west end area downtown re-purposing has me thinking... its the perfect place for my company's new office! like the sneaky devil i am, i printed copies of the article and put them in the mailboxes of my ceo and vp's. hey, a girl's gotta do what she can to cut down on her commute!


this past weekend we had our annual fun-fest also known as 'the lake trip'. once a year brittany and jay (aka. chappy and trevor) invite everyone out to enjoy the spoils of the dyer lakehouse on cedar creek lake.

friday night was full of boisterous debauchery and was entirely too much fun. i haven't stayed up past 3am in years- it was great!

kudos to katy and her newly invented adult beverage- nothing says fun like diet orange-flavored soda and vodka.

it is such a treat to get out of town and relax- and even more so when it is with such great friends. the girls have known each other for about 10 years now and our friendships continue to change. it is so nice to have time to not only reminisce about college memories, but make new ones too!

i can hear it now.... remember that time we were at the dyer's lakehouse before we all had kids and we got so silly....


Patagonia Glacier - 1930

Patagonia Glacier - 2004

'An Inconvenient Truth' is an interesting movie, though it isn't so much a movie as it is a presentation. I won't argue the validity or immanent danger of global warning, but it does certainly make you think- how will I be able to answer when God asks me what I did with the gifts that He gave me?

It just breaks my heart that this glorious Earth that was specifically designed for us that continually inspires and nurtures us has become disposable.