that's the last time i buy casey a toy on sale at target. i just gave him this toy 5 minutes ago and this is what i saw when i turned around....

yes, thats the stuffing everywhere. and don't even bother with the guilty look on your face. you knew exactly what you were doing.
stupid $4 toy.
this morning i read an interview with willie nelson. this was my favorite part:

question: a lot of guys a whole lot younger than you have said to themselves "i've had a good career. i'm going to sit in a lawn chair and drink some beer."

willie's answer: well i don't much like lawn chairs and i don't drink beer.


casey scared the &#$% out of a fedex delivery guy today.

on beautiful days like today, i leave the front door open and put up a baby gate on the porch so casey can walk in and out and roam around but he is still under tight supervision. kevin and i like to refer to this setup as "zoo dog" because if you see it from the front yard, he looks like a dog in the zoo just watching people walk by from behind bars. he generally terrorizes cats and old people out on walks. he loves it.

i was expecting a package from work today and from inside i hear someone talking and looked toward the front door. casey was crouched down with his non-existant stub of a tail wagging like crazy.

i suppose if you hadn't met casey before it could have looked like he was about to pounce.

the fedex guy was moving in slow motion, scared out of his wits. i heard him saying in a soothing voice "its okay, big guy. i'm not going to come any closer, i'm just going to leave the package here. easy big boy."

he left the package in the middle of our sidewalk and turned and ran back to his truck. i started laughing so hard! casey wouldnt hurt a fly- he was just excited because he thought someone was coming to play with him!

poor fedex guy. he had quite the scare. and poor casey, he was looking forward to making a new friend!


happy birthday to you! happy birthday to you!
happy birthday to mom!
happy birthday to you!

vicki turns 59 today, thus marking the final birthday she will ever agree to celebrate in public. no matter how many years pass by... the woman can still cut a rug with the best of em. happy birthday, mom!


i don't really understand the point of myspace. anyone out there agree with me on this one? what is the point?

in my estimation its just a way for people to find dates, spy on ex-girlfriends or high school crushes, and accumulate "friends." i'm giving it a test run for now, so the verdict is still out.

though, it was recently brought to my attention that there is a girl with the profile name "girls gone wild for jesus" so i guess it does make for a good laugh every once in a while!


i've been neglecting the blog this week because life has been entirely un funny lately. not just "not funny" more like the opposite of funny.

consider this my attempt to lighten the mood...

has anyone heard the new nelly song "grillz"? not that i sit at home and watch mtv... but IF i did and happened to see the video... i might think it was pretty darn funny. its a song all about teeth jewelry. and not just one gold tooth like leader of the muppet band.

these are teeth made entirely of diamonds. it looks like they made braces out of a diamond tennis bracelet. for reals. is this attractive? am i missing something?


update on the supposedly "indestructible" toy:


this morning was a mix of good and bad. i went on one of the worst bike rides on record, but that was quickly followed up by a fantabulous team in training info session.

first things first- the bike ride from hell. to start things off on a crummy foot, i had to wake up at 6:15 in order to get riding by 7am. clearly jenny and i both need a lesson on winter riding and the proper gear to avoid having your fingers so numb from riding in cold wind at high speeds that you can't physically move or bend them.

after about 2 1/2 hours of riding, it took 30 minutes in a warm shower to thaw myself and stop shivering. i'm glad that is over!

the team in training meeting was for people interested in possibly signing up for one of our races. it was awesome- everyone there was so pumped for the season and i could tell they were all really energetic and dedicated people. its going to be a great season.

of course the funniest thing that happened- i saw a guy there who introduced himself to me at the beginning of the meeting and i kept thinking he looked so familiar to me. finally when he was leaving, i yelled over to him, "hey! where did you go to high school?" and he responded that he went to highland park in dallas. small world! we figured out that he graduated the year after me, but of course he did not remember me, but remembered my older brother.

i guess thats what you get for being the editor of the newspaper. clearly i should have tried out for the football team.


i just can't get enough of this darn baby! tim and michelle had lucy's first photo shoot this week and of course the pictures turned out adorable!

i have a niece news flash too! kevin and i have another munchkin to add to our niece & nephew list! pictures soon to come.
could this be home sweet home?

our option period starts tomorrow...


dammit! travis, travis, travis! don't you know that there were kappa girls everywhere holding their breath tonight hoping you would make this season of the bachelor interesting enough to watch?! we wanted you to pick cortney!!

and seriously, WHO tells a stranger that they are ready to move into the "reproductive" phase of their lives and refers to their eggs as "rotting" because they are the ripe old age of 33? that allie girl was craaaazy!
my mom bought casey a toy for christmas that was touted as "indestructible."

casey laughs in the face of marketing people who use words like "indestructible."

casey removed the squeaker from his mouth long enough to say
"ha HA!"


aww, isn't she adorable?!

and the baby's pretty cute too.


as an addendum to the previous post- someone found my site today from googling "hot drunk spicy women blog"

i really should think about changing my title...

a post on erin's wedding is soon to come- when i have some fun pictures to share!


having the words "spicy" and "hot" in your title combined with other random words in your posts can really confuse search engines. sometimes when i see the search terms that people used that come to my site, it makes complete sense. for example "mollie donovan burpo" is clearly someone looking for me.

but i can only imagine the disappointment of the sad people who found my site from searching...
"hot sorority girls"
"sexy hot girl pic"
"hot after dark"
"spicy kiss girl"

my favorite is that someone who works for the united states government came to my site after they googled "sexy girls kissing." ahhh, tax dollars hard at work.


happy new year!! i drove back to austin this morning exhausted from my sister's fabulous new years wedding, just in time to celebrate my new year tradition.

i love spending january first at barton springs. yesterday was a gorgeous day to be there- it was 84 degrees! usually this time of year its just me and some crazy old man with floaties, but yesterday it was packed!

just before i jumped in the cold spring water i prayed that i will feel the sense of renewal of new years in everyday- that the clean slate we have in Christ would renew me each morning. i prayed that i would be invigorated spiritually by the greatness of God each day in the same way that the cold cold water invigorates and awakens me physically.

it was a beautiful day.