any takers?

its next door - you could come borrow sugar anytime! well, not THAT kind of sugar...


you'd think that having visitors calls for quite the party. kevin and i both had friends in town this weekend. my sister was here friday night and kevin's friend jake was here for a couple of days.

sadly, despite the guests, i was in bed friday night by 10 and on saturday night i was struggling to stay up until midnight in a bar on 6th street. i'm not sure how it is possible to be tired when sitting 15 feet from a live band... but i sure was.

i swear i don't know when i got so old. i haven't been out until closing time in years -these days i can barely keep my eyes open long enough to have any late night fun. getting up early for triathlon practice sure does put a kink in my social schedule... but for some reason, its worth it!


i've been a toot lately. really, i've been a pain in the butt to deal with. (i'd say 'ass', but i gave up swearing for lent)

i was humbled and slightly amused this morning when my bible study told me to look up proverbs 21:19. "better to live in a desert than with a quarrelsome and ill-tempered wife."

you know its not good when someone would be better off living in the desert than living with you...

in other news, we got the house!! the keys are ours on april 5th and on april 13th we will pull into town in a giant u-haul. get excited!


my heart swells with pride when i watch the one and only- john rosacker - in his winning performance at the semi-finals of the austin air guitar championships.

if you have a moment - check out his performance. its pure genius. i always knew i loved john... and now i understand that love just a little bit more.


my spring break experiences really peaked in highschool. isnt that sad? my senior year i went to mexico with all of my friends. it was the quintessential mexico trip complete with drunk girls, wet t-shirt contests, and lots of free shots.

since then, it has all been downhill. college spring breaks consisted of a ski trip, a missions trip, and my "aren't i so different" outward bound trip. what was i thinking? outward bound was amazing, but my friends were all drinking frozen margaritas by the yard while i was drinking water from a stream that was treated with iodine to kill off bacteria.

these days spring break is great for one reason- less traffic. living in a college town like austin is awesome, but when 40,000 college students all leave town its GREAT. my usual 20 minute drive to work suddenly only takes 10 minutes.

when did this happen? when did a shorter commute take the place of a sombrero and sunscreen? who knows, with any luck maybe i'll make it big on a video called "young professionals gone wild"

getting old sucks.


i had the distinct pleasure of babysitting my sweet niece, lucy, this weekend. i was really looking forward to it! i hardly ever see little luce because she lives up in dallas.

despite lots of threats of taking lucy around austin in a tie-dye onesie introducing her to travelling homeless musicians smoking pot, her dad and mom still let me take her off their hands.

we had a lot of fun! casey is a huge fan of babies- and probably anything in general that smells like a mixture of poo and baby powder. he loved licking her face and thankfully she thought it was pretty funny. note to self: teach casey boundaries before strangers bring children to my house.

the best part of the experience? besides really clinching my title as "coolest aunt ever"... on sunday for the first time in months i actually remembered to pick up my birthcontrol on time at the pharmacy. no matter how much i love that little bundle of spit up and giggles, it was a nice little reminder of how much i like my simple, uncomplicated life where my biggest responsibility is a needy dog.


anyone want to buy a house on nimrod trail?

seriously. who names these streets? please tell me that is the result of a lost bet.

i really don't know if i could buy a house on nimrod trail - even if i liked it! can you imagine? the burpos living on nimrod trail? how much worse could it get?!


as an addendum to my candy complaints, i would like to add another grocery store inspired post...

i was walking through the store yesterday and i saw a new velveeta package that reads "now easier to melt!". um... i'm sorry, but when was velveeta ever hard to melt? velveeta is a gooey brick of processed cheese whose one goal in life is to melt. so much so, that even in its solid form, it jiggles.

also, i noticed that whenever kevin is out of town i purchase all kinds of random things to "try" that i would usually never purchase. i had cap'n crunch for dinner. how out of character is that!?


austin is my adopted hometown. it was a slow and complicated process, but thankfully i didn't have to go with a small town in china, i hear thats popular with adoption these days : )

its interesting, the more i come to grips with leaving, the more i love about austin. its similar to the "you don't know what you've got till its gone" theory, but more of a preemptive approach.

i'm so sentimental these days for my sweet town, i just about get weepy thinking about something as crappy as 6th street. ah, the drunken days of dancing at 311 on friday nights after too many cheap drinks at saba... : )

i have started making a list of everything i want to do and see before i leave. anyone want to join me? lets grab dinner at whole foods and wander around book people. how about dinner at z tejas, walking down to amy's ice cream, and thumbing through records at waterloo?

i want to float in barton springs until i am chilled to the bone and then drink an even colder margarita at baby a's. i am going to jog around town lake and end up at maria's for migas so i can say goodbye to the best tacos on earth. i will ride my bike out to the lake and not let the dam hill get the best of me and then i will fly down 2222 at 45 miles per hour without cringing. i am going to enjoy sxsw this one last time and stay out much past my bedtime.

so much to do... let me know if you want in on some of this fun. its going to be good stuff.