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Lunch. You. Me. A box of Franzia...

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10:21am Fri May26

its going to be an interesting day :)


the top 5 signs that i reeeally live in dallas now:

1. i am the proud owner of a tolltag
2. my morning commute ranges from 15-45 minutes depending on traffic
3. i get to watch mark cuban workout at the gym
4. i eat potbelly at least once a week
5. i haven't made a 6 hour round-trip weekend drive in over a month

moving up to dallas was one of the hardest (i might add 'gut-wrenching') decisions that kevin and i have ever made. certainly the hardest we've made together. nothing else even comes close!

there are so many things about day-to-day life that you cannot predict will change when you move to a new city or start a new job- but it changes the way you physically experience life. for the most part, my first month has been really nice. yes, there are about a million things that i miss on a daily basis about austin... but being in dallas has made me happy.

i was right to assume that for the most part, i wouldn't see most of my friends more often. (katy being the obvious exception to that statement.) once the 'newness' of moving wears off and people don't stop by to see your new house, they pretty much go back to their regularly scheduled programs... but i do get to see my family SO much more than before and i have gotten to get back in touch with a few friends from high school as well.

wow- that was a long post! now i must return to work for another hour before i make my 30 minute trek back to my neighborhood and go see if mark cuban is working out at the gym ; )


buying something as expensive as a rug that i will keep for a very long time (hopefully) is a gut wrenching decision for me. it takes hours and hours of deliberation, looking for something cheaper, creating photoshop versions of the living room with selected rugs, etc.

in short, it ain't pretty folks.

i really love the rug i chose for our livingroom... but today i'm even more tickled with my choice. oprah's designer, nate berkus, who i absolutely adore, redesigned a house for a nice couple on the show and he used my rug! i love nate AND west elm!

nate's livingroom

my livingroom!
there's nothing like a baby in a laundry basket
to cheer up a boring monday!
i swear, that lucy keeps getting cuter.


ooh... its gonna be good! i have wanted to read "fast food nation" for quite a while so it will be interesting to see how they fictionalized a non-fiction book into a movie.
once again, the clever folks at 'the daily show' made me laugh out loud.

go HERE for the full segment reviewing his speech this week addressing immigration.


its here! its here! the 2006 lineup for ACL is here!!

i am so excited- this is a great list!! i bought my tickets back in march and have been waiting for this list for months!

my favorites (other than the headliners listed above)...
damien rice, ray lamontagne, nickel creek, kings of leon, iron & wine, aimee mann, kt tunstall, alexi murdoch, & of course...g. love and the special sauce.

WOW. its going to be a great weekend and i have all summer to look forward to it!


to all music lovers out there, please join me in my latest obsession!


you enter an artist or song that you really like and they populate an entire 'radio station' for you of similar music! its a fun way to hear new music and artists.

the best part its free and it makes your day at work go by just a little bit faster : )
i had a craving for super bubble this morning but the gas station next door to my office was sadly in need of a better pre-teen candy section. the closest thing i could find was bubble tape. its supposed to be 6 feet of fun, right? more like 6 feet of gross.

when i got a piece out of the box, i have to admit there is something fun about the concept of a giant roll of gum, but immediately the powder-y texture reminded me of something...hmmm...big league chew?

a quick visit to the hubba bubba site confirmed my suspicians. they are made by the same manufacturer whose primary market strategy seems to be gum in strange forms covered in a strange powder.

now i am off to get a free diet dr pepper from the magic fountain in the kitchen to wash my mouth out. ick.


last night we attended our first session of the dallas museum of art's "jazz under the stars" series. it was a gorgeous night & we were excited about our newest exploration of all that dallas has to offer.

we picked up katy and went to the grocery store for food and beverages. kevin disappeared down some random aisle and met us in the beer section with a proud look on his face toting two new camping chairs he had found for the cheap price of only $7!

about 30 minutes later as we unpacked the chairs and began to settle in at the park to listen to jazz and enjoy a cold beverage... we realized why the chairs were so cheap.

kevin neglected to read the label on the bags that said "captain chair for junior. ages 5-12"

it was worth a pretty good laugh and lots of teasing directed at kevin all night. its hard to take someone seriously when they are sitting in a miniature chair.


is there anyone out there wants to admit to a little closeted "american idol" watching? anyone??

i am a faithful viewer on tuesdays, but when it comes down to the results show i can't bump lost for such silliness. of course this means that typically i am watching lost with my laptop open, checking to see who has been voted off. last night was completely unexpected. i was never a chris fan (singers that shout aren't my favorite) but i was just as surprised as everyone else!

so if you are a lost fan and missed the news... HERE YOU GO!

thank goodness for youtube. youtube rules for so many reasons- if you haven't checked it out yet you should!


did i miss something... is orange the new white?

the ladies at go fug yourself came up with a great song to accompany this remarkable picture if you're so inclined.
it seems the world is coming to its senses. it was announced on cnn this morning that bush's approval rating is down three more points to 31%. more interestingly his DISapproval rating is at 65%. that is only one point lower than richard nixon's when he left the whitehouse in the midst of the watergate scandal.

what surprised me almost more than that... among conservatives, his approval rating is only 49%. so even his core base of supporters are losing faith in him.

it will be interesting to see how all of this affects the elections in november.

for those of you bored to death by this post, i promise to return to celebrity gossip and other random acts of blogging soon.


i am smack dab in the middle of my first day at the new job. its going quite well so far- i just discovered a diet dr pepper fountain in the kitchen. i just might be home :)
for all of you out there who just don't get enough of your daily recommended burpo intake, you are in luck!

kevin has started his own blog! check him out...


amen & hallelujah!!

my favorite home goods retailler is coming to dallas!!

welcome, west elm. welcome.

post script: this fabulous news is courtesy of my newspaper-reading mom. she was a little hurt that i forgot to give her credit... so here's a shout out to vicki- the hippest mom in dallas...if not the world!


anyone who knows me knows i love a bargain. target is one of my favorite places to roam around in search of such bargains.

today i found another in a long string of shoe knock-off sightings. i had seen these flip flops from jcrew, but couldn't find it in me to splurge for the $50 price tag... but then i found the perfect substitute!

you be the judge: target vs. j crew
one big happy family!
bea is loving her new home! she is such a cutie pie- she can't wait to meet you!