here are two funny pics from this week.

casey was apparently being haunted by something in the bathroom cabinets and wouldn't leave them alone, so finally kevin had to pick him up AND stand on a chair to let him investigate the highest shelves himself...

my mom and i went to the mall to take advantage of the post-holiday sales and found maternity clothes on sale! as bizarre as it sounds, they strap a giant belly pillow to your stomach so that you can see how clothes are going to fit once you get bigger - so here's me at 7-8 months along!


this is the funniest thing i've seen on snl in a long time...


i haven't blogged much lately because i am trying to keep from talking incessantly about the oh-so-fun details of pregnancy so that i don't deter any of you out there from wanting to give this thing a shot. :)

oh i could go on and on about morning sickness (which is a misleading term when its ALL day), force feeding yourself food to keep yourself from throwing up (and how twisted that concept is), the general gaseousness (i actually gave 'burpin brittany baker' a run for her money saturday night).

instead, i'll just use this as an opportunity to point out why its so darn important to marry the right guy!! i can't begin to explain how sweet and patient and loving kevin has been for the past 6 weeks. he brings me flowers, he rubs my back, he tells me my newly grown 'pooch' is "sexy", he listens to my complaints, and he just makes me feel loved.

i just don't know what i would do without him. i can't believe i get to have his baby!!

kevin and i at my company party


now that i am pregnant i feel like there are babies everywhere. even my orange had a baby today...


hello, world! i am about half an inch long with a beating heart and am about the size of a raspberry. i make my mom sick about 3-4 times a day depending on my mood. i've got a lot of growing to do, but in february mom & dad will come back for another sneak peek and find out if i'm a boy or a girl!


i saw one of the most miraculous sights of my life this morning... my tiny baby's heartbeat!!

you have to watch closely, but the flicker of light in the middle of the tiny bean is its heart racing at 150 beats per minute!

we are officially 2 months pregnant and due in july! surprise!! :)

this is the shortest video in history, but we will upload the longer one this evening where you can hear the heartbeat.


what is wrong with this pic??

you gotta love a smoking pregnant lady worried about how sound pollution is harming her fetus. craaaa-zy!


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