more lily pics. i simply can't resist!

i've already got them hook, line, and sinker.

hey! look how cute i am! peace out!

my first trip home

go red raiders! she is her father's daughter.


congratulations to the pritchards!

they're goin to the chapel and they're gonna get married...

today is the big day! i wish i could be in breckenridge celebrating with my favorite newlyweds. lily says she is sorry for hijacking the weekend for you guys. she promises to make up for it soon with lots of coo-ing.


lillian margaret
6 pounds, 12 ounces
20 inches long

happy birthday to lily!
its lily's birthday!!

we went to the doctor yesterday intent on waiting as much as another week and a half past my due date for her to come out on her own and were completely shocked by the news that lily had a surprise for us.

instead of looking like this:

like a good girl should...

she looks like this:

already doing things her own way...

finding out she is breech was not easy for either of us and with all of our expectations of a perfect natural birth headed out the window (and several hours of tears) we have accepted the fact that due to her size and the fact that i am already past my due date by 5 days that it would be best to plan a cesarean birth sooner rather than later.

as cheesy as it may sound, in a lot of ways letting go of the natural birth i was so excited about has been a mourning process, questioning if i did something wrong or why this would be happening, but at this point we are just trying to focus on the positive - we get to meet lily today!

so if the world feels slightly different around 5pm today, its because lillian margaret has joined us - i know nothing will ever be the same again!

be strong and courageous.
do not be terrified, do not be discouraged.
for the lord your God will be with you,
wherever you go.
joshua 1:9


Eviction notice for Lillian Margaret
July 24, 2007

Ms. Lily:

Please note that yesterday was July 23rd, which, as you have been orally reminded for several months now, was the "Due Date" referenced in the lease that you agreed to approximately nine months ago, and thus the date by which you were supposed to vacate your current premises. Following a routine inspection of the property this morning, I have been advised that you have not yet begun to make sufficient preparations towards moving. I am also advised that you may have changed the locks, as the inspector was unable to obtain access to the property.

Please note that, if your departure continues at this pace, you will be in violation of the lease, which was entered into in good faith, with the expectation that you would honor its terms. Accordingly, I have no choice but to advise you that if you do not voluntarily remove yourself from the premises within the next 14 days, I will have no choice but to commence formal eviction proceedings, and I have already put the proper authorities on notice. As you have been repeatedly advised, your new accommodations are in fact ready and awaiting your arrival, so your cooperation in voluntarily moving out of the current premises, avoiding the time and inconvenience of more formal, compelled proceedings, would be much appreciated. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

The Landlord


lily or no lily, her nursery is ready!

i finally took some pictures today:

lily's cozy crib

the colors are dark chocolate brown, super light pink, and white

i have the feeling i'll be spending a lot of time in that chair...

i did a few paintings to match the bird mobile
happy due date, to me!

one thing i have learned this week is that there are only so many ways to say "no, i haven't had the baby yet."

truly - everyone will KNOW when she is here! i hate to sound ungrateful that so many people care about my family, but it isn't a fun topic when you're frustrated that she isn't here already without having to tell everyone else all the time.

as if its not bad enough to get questioned daily by family and friends, the cashier at the grocery store actually asked me yesterday if i was dilated yet. no, i'm not kidding. i just said 'no' because i really have no desire to talk about my cervix with strangers!

so to everyone who is tempted to call and check on us today - no, she isn't here yet. and yes, you'll get a call or email when she arrives :)


we're officially on 'bump watch' around here! if this darn child would just get the hint and head south, i'd much appreciate it! :)

3 days till my due date...

get outta there lily!


i've reduced myself to relying on snoop dog for motivation these days. i'm going to start playing 'drop it like its hot' directly into miss lily's little fish bowl pretty soon if she doesn't get the message and drop already!! :)


for those of you who don't know my mom, she is a pretty tough lady. her one real fear in life is highway overpasses. yes, you read that correctly... highway overpasses or really any kind of elevated road.

she panics - she actually plans her driving directions to avoid any kind of overpass or high roads. i know it sounds crazy, but its true!

so when i got this picture in a forward of the tallest road in the world (its higher than the eiffel tower!) i just knew i had found my mom's worst nightmare...

can you imagine? its almost 2 miles long and is located in france. unlike most forwards, this one is actually TRUE! :)
to my dfw peeps - if you're looking for a interesting speaker, jim wallis is coming to dallas!

i've been a fan of his line of thought for a while now and wish i could go hear him talk. let me know if you decide to check him out!

july 24 - 7:00 wilshire baptist (mockingbird and abrams)


the right place at the right time...

there are only so many moments in life when i have felt completely blessed by being in the exact right place at the right time and this morning was one of those few.

kevin and i went to church this morning and after laughing about what in the world we would do if my water broke in the middle of the service, we settled in to listen to the sermon. it was a guest speaker who was taking us through the 20th chapter of john and had an amazing perspective on suffering and comfort.

i can't tell you how wonderful his words and thoughts were and how much i was fed exactly what i was hungry for - it was amazing!

it was a very centering experience and i kept thinking 'being here right now is exactly why lily isn't here yet! i needed to hear this!'

i don't know who the speaker was, but i wish i could give him a big hug and say thank you.


i know we're all anxious for lily to arrive, but let's all hope she doesn't show up today. there is just something not right about a halloween baby having a child on friday the 13th...

have a great weekend!!


happy 7-11 everyone!

don't forget to get your free slurpee today! yummm!


it has been an eventful past few days - i have just been a slacker about updating! mom came to visit on friday and it was so fun having her in town! we went shopping, ate good food, went to see a cute movie, and she decided that she thinks lily is coming out on the 19th... so we'll see how accurate she is :)

yesterday kevin and i had breastfeeding class at the hospital. we were the very mature couple in the back that got called out by the teacher for laughing at one of the boob pictures she had up on the board. its a good thing we didn't have class together in college - i barely paid attention in class back then as it was!

when we got home from class, sweet bea wasn't in the best shape. she was crying and yelping and couldn't eat. :( when she was yelping again this morning i decided to take her to the vet and apparently the happiest dog in the world actually managed to wag her back out of alignment and slipped a disc in her back. who knew that was even possible??

so beatle is on serious muscle relaxers and steroids for the next few weeks and will be on bed rest. it breaks my heart to hear her cry... which probably means we are in for some serious trouble when miss lily is upset! :)

i've also finally gotten to enjoy some texas sunshine and pool time in the past few days! i am loving it - i'll have to post soon about how i conned my homeowner's association into giving my sister a pool pass. heehee...

i think that brings us back up to speed!! i promise to be better for the next 2 weeks, but after that all bets are off!


looking at these 4th of july pictures makes me so excited to see kevin and lily together...

less than 3 weeks to go! (let's hope!!)

kai + haydn

lucy + tim