we had a very donovan weekend! here are some fun pictures we took along the way...

family pic for mom's birthday gift!

we surprised mom at school!

mollie and bea love birthdays!

mom making her wish


happy happy birthday to my amazing mom!

never have i met a woman who knows how to laugh quite that loud, cook quite that well, dance quite that confidently, or shop quite that much. here's to another 30 years with you, mom! i don't know what i'd do without you!!


you might remember this summer when i discovered jose gonzalez for the first time... well since then i've purchased the cd, seen him live in concert, and totally fallen in love with how his music can affect my moods.

i saw this on youtube and had to share - his voice keeps me in a trance almost as much as a million rubber balls :)

sometimes i just realize that in 6 months i'll be laying down in a delivery room holding a baby with kevin standing over me kissing my forehead and i just start crying.

...must be the hormones :)


tiny burps and i are having a fun week so far! kevin's mom lent me her doppler to listen to the baby's heartbeat this week and it is so neat hearing that beautiful swooshing every night :)

it has been a stressful few weeks, but things are finally settling down a little... enough for us to pause and celebrate vicki's 60th birthday tomorrow!!


we have finally surpassed the fruit stage for tiny burps - this week its the size of a jumbo shrimp!

in honor of its current size:

viva pepe le burpo!


casey and bea are loving the snow day!

snow day!!!


if you're in the mood for something educationally hilarious


i'm at home with a nasty cold today and the only thing that makes a sick day really feel like a sick day is watching 'the price is right'.

i'm off to spend quality time with bob and the beauties.


does anyone else find it hilarious that kevin's myspace profile says:

"Baring accidents, no kids for a few years still."

i laughed pretty hard when i saw that.

in related news, this week the baby grows from the size of a large strawberry to the size of a large lime!

from this:

to this:

seems like a lot of work in just 7 days for little tiny burps!
happy new year!!

2006 was a crazy year with lots of changes... new city, new house, new puppy, new job, new pregnancy! 2007 has a lot to live up to, but something tells me its going to. :)

we had a very fun new year's celebration with friends out at the dyer's lakehouse. somehow i ended up not taking any pictures! i don't know how that happened...but i do have some video that i might edit and post on here.

kevin decided to enter 2007 without his beard and shaved it down to a lovely handlebar mustache just for the occasion. say it with me, ladies... H O T !