today's vocabulary word is: sniss

sniss: verb
the unintentional release of urine while sneezing. created by combining the words 'sneeze' and 'piss'. aka. another lovely seldomly discussed benefit of pregnancy.

oh the things you learn in life that you wish you never knew... i'm a snisser. if i don't have fair warning that a sneeze is coming on, my panties better watch out. this has been happening with regularity since about week 25 of pregnancy.

the good news is, i think this will most likely go away once lily makes her debut. which would be nice because i am going to have enough diapers to change without having to wear depends myself.

so in the wise words of the old lady in the movie billy madison, "if peeing in your pants is cool, consider me miles davis."


following is an actual transcript of a conversation i had today in the elevator on my way up to the gym - this took place in the span of 7 floors.

guy: so, mom's working out huh? (pointing at my stomach)

me: well mom is trying!

guy: how long do you have left?

me: 8 weeks - i'm due in july

girl in corner: do you know what you're having?

me: a girl!

guy: i actually saw cocker spaniel puppies being born this weekend and man, those little things just suck on their mom like crazy. so good luck with that!

me: um..... ok thanks?


happy memorial day!

and a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to dad!!

i talked to dad this morning to wish him a happy birthday. when i asked him how '60' felt so far, he said his run was great this morning! i just laughed and said, "i imagine any running at 60 is a victory in and of itself!" he laughed and said "i was thinking exactly the same thing!"

i asked if he had any special plans for today and he said that his basset hound is taking him to whataburger for breakfast.

here are fun pics from the weekend:

the whole family

lucy's down with the homies

gotta love a baseball game in the rain

charlie shows off his new shirt

he's so tiny!

what a sweet big sister


as if there aren't enough things making me feel old these days now that i'm 7 months pregnant, i realized the advertisement for my new favorite radio station is "songs from today and back in your school days"

i officially listen to the new version of my mom's oldies station.

sad, but true. but just in case you're in the mood for some good dance music today, check out movin 107.5! :)


i wish you all could have been in my parents' living room about 2 minutes ago...

we are watching the finale of the bachelor and on one of the previews i spotted tessa's blue dress in the corner of the screen when he is proposing and i started screaming!!

then we re-wound the tivo and all three of us screamed in unison when we saw the dress again!

i hope we aren't wrong. bevin is a little skanky for my taste, from the tramp stamp tatoos to the cheeseball comments...

...as an addendum to this post i'd like to add that when the bachelor told bevin she was going home my mom started singing "u-g-l-y, you ain't got no alibi, you ugly!"

just in case anyone was wondering where my 'crazy' comes from... meet vicki donovan, bevin hater and serious apollo anton ono fan


and now for the senseless moment of the day:

haikus are easy
but sometimes they don't make sense


you decide: freudian slip or wishful typing?

(cnn incorrectly captioned blair's resignation speech)

kudos to jay for finding this one!!


thanks to the picture-taking-wonder also known as erin tyrrell, i have a bunch of cute pictures from the weekend to share!

the donovan family

what a sweet big sister!

proud aunt... again!

sleepy charlie

lucy and i had a slumber party at GaGa & Moon's house

silly girls

moon let us play in his pool!

morning on the porch

lucy was full of smiles!

artie and patsy show me some puppy love


i don't know if i can blame this on pregnancy hormones or this being my first 'pseudo' mother's day, but i love this commercial.

for the record, i am fully aware of how cheesy i am... but it makes me tear up everytime i see it!


its a BOY!!!!

welcome, charles henry donovan

born 11:48 am, may 10, 2007
8 pounds, 11 ounces

i will have better non-camera phone pics soon!! :)


jet is here!! tiffany had their sweet baby boy on thursday and we got to meet him in austin on friday.


i just snapped this pic of casey sitting on the stairs looking out the window...

doesn't it look like he's having a great laugh??



i really hate to perpetuate stereotypes, especially when they have little basis in reality, but today i am literally barefoot and pregnant.

about an hour into my day my right flip flop broke. my cherished $5 gold k-mart flip flops that, believe it or not, i get compliments on ALL the time... they died!! : (

to really understand the gravity of the situation, i must say that when i emailed my sister this information, she actually closed the door to her classroom at school and called me to see if i was okay. the girl has called me from work maybe 5 times EVER and this warranted a call...

so not only have i been walking around barefoot all day (including trips to the bathroom, just call me 'britney' from now on)... but after lunch my project manager walked up to my desk and said "Hey! You're pregnant and I need chocolate - do you know where any chocolate is?"

i replied with an indignant "well i don't think its fair to assume that just because i am with child that i would have any idea where any chocolate is!"

as he turned to walk away and continue his search, i let him know that there are reeses peanut butter cups in a glass jar on the bookshelf in christi's office.

dammit. i just can't win today! :)
have you ever thought you were about to let out a s.b.d. (silent, but deadly) fart in your cube at work and when it comes out its anything but silent.... so you are left wondering who is at their desks around you and if anyone else heard it?

me either! who does that kind of stuff? gross! :)