i have a new comment to add to the ever growing list of inappropriate and not-so-humorous comments regarding the size of my stomach.

we were at dinner tonight and when a couple asked me when i am due i said "three and a half weeks" and the husband looked at me and said, "huh??? are you having a midget?"

i mean truly, what makes that comment acceptable for public consumption? what should i have said in response? "oh yeah? you're mom's a midget!" sigh. i need to work on my list of comebacks for these last few weeks!


this hilariousness comes to you courtesy of tim:


ladies and gentlemen, i present to you the granddaughter of mike donovan...

it doesn't get any better than this...
rainy days make for the best naps...


this picture is terrible quality, but i just couldn't resist posting it. kevin and i were looking for casey last night and kevin found him in lily's room. it was dark and he was sleeping in the corner.

casey is the dark lump in the corner :)

i just can't wait to watch lily fall in love with her protective older brother!


erin and i took some silly pregnancy pictures today and here are my favorites!


and ice cream


the belly with 33 days to go

the bump gets some love from bea


those darn pirates are up to no good again...


who said being pregnant wasn't fun?

i'm eating a bowl of cap'n crunch at 11pm. if that doesn't scream "party!" i'm not sure what does. there's nothing like loving a bowl of peanut butter flavored cereal right before bedtime to prove you're milking pregnancy for all its worth :)


we had a doghouse building contest for work this week as a part of a sales pitch to a hardware store we were trying to win and i was totally impressed by the results. of course i had no part in making these since i'm in austin, but i still thought they were cool enough to share!

tiki dog house

RV doghouse

and finally, my favorite!! beach dog house... complete with mckenzie look alike!


erin and i took lily on her very first trip to barton springs today! it is truly one of my favorite places in the world and i can't wait to actually share it with her.

disclaimer: when viewing the following pictures, don't try to adjust the color and contrast on your monitor... i AM that white.

woo hooooo!!

the three girls

ahhh.... floating feels so good!


out of curiosity, or perhaps just being sadist, i checked the weight classes for boxing online to see what class i'd be signing up for these days as the pounds keep packing themselves on. i was hoping to call myself a 'heavyweight' but was surprised to see you have to hit the 200 pound mark to claim that esteemed title.

as it stands these days, i'm apparently a "light middleweight". that just doesn't have the same ring to it... i'm hoping to make it at least to "middleweight" in the next 6 weeks.

if anyone wants to help me out, give me a call and we can hang out at amy's ice cream all afternoon. i mean, come on, a girl's gotta have her goals.


my favorite quote of the week:

"Hillary Clinton is dropping 'Rodham' from her name. Now if she'd only drop 'presidential' and 'candidate'."
-Stephen Colbert


for those of you out there wondering how sweet and romantic kevin has been since i got pregnant, i thought i'd share his latest outpouring of love.

i received this e-card in my inbox today:

in case you think you're having a bad day... at least you're not THIS GUY.

the 911 calls make for a nice added bonus ;)


katy's bachelorette party was this weekend! we had such a good time :)

most of the day was spent laughing

we started off at george's. (our favorite dive in college)

it was a proper reunion- complete with kappa wear!

the lingerie party induced more laughter...

everyone was having fun!

the cops almost arrested katy for being too single.

all in all, it was a blast!

on the way home we hit traffic in hillsboro and befriended 'paw paw' the leathery biker

mary and pooh are paw paw's bitches now.

for the whole album of weekend pics - go HERE and enjoy!


i don't know if you guys are ready for this or not, but i thought i'd let you know how hot i am in a bikini right now.

i mean i don't mean to make you girls jealous of my washboard abs or anything... but i know you will be. its just human nature. don't feel bad about it, okay?

7 months pregnant.... H O T!

i was also going to post my "before" picture, but its just too sad really, so i couldn't bring myself to do it. :)