today is a big day. lily got her first love note!

courtesy of one handsome lincoln thomas wade :)


i have a confession to make. i am closet-challenged. its true, even my husband keeps his clothes more organized than i do. he's the one with the plastic hangers and shirts hung by category - my side is a mess of wire hangers and stacks upon stacks of folded tops of questionable origin.

i invited my organizationally skilled sister over yesterday to help me clean up my act - literally! i asked her to "tim gunn" me and she did a great job!

erin went item by item and either rearranged, hung, folded, or discarded them for me. there were clothes in there that not only pre-dated my relationship with kevin, but had labels like 'harolds' (which, i'm not knocking if its your style, but if you knew how long it had been since i've shopped there...)

now in the interest of full disclosure, erin did have a little bit of a 'tone' in her voice when discussing some of my less glamorous items that needed to be discarded, but it was nothing compared to tim gunn's verbal abuse when it comes to clothes he doesn't approve of!

i now have 2 bags of clothes for goodwill and about 20 hanging items for consignment. erin should seriously charge people for her services - my closet looks great and now it is full of only items i should actually be seen wearing in public.

thanks, auntie e!


lily is getting ready for one of her mom's favorite holidays in her pumpkin hat. so far she has perfected two looks...


or treat!


hi everybody!! happy wednesday!!


do you think it would be inappropriate to fill one of these out for lily?


tonight will be lily's first night in her own room and crib. the past 7 weeks she has been sleeping in a bassinet in our room.

this is my second really sad moment of being her mom. the first tears came when she outgrew her first newborn outfit. she just changes so much every day. first she started to smile at us, then she began lifting her head, outgrowing her clothes, and today she laughed at me for the first time.

its hard to explain, but i'm sad when she changes because i know that the time i have with her is so precious. the smallest bit of growth just breaks my heart because the moments i had with her before this change happened are already over.

wish us luck adapting to this new arrangement! ...and by us, i mean me :)


tgif!! i love the weekends! having someone else around during the day to help with lily and just having a human to talk to that actually responds verbally is a treat.

i am sad to be missing out on what is always one of the best events of the year, austin city limits music festival. to all of my festival-going friends- i dislike you very much and hope you sit around thinking "this would be much more fun if mollie was here."

i'd also like to share the cutest pictures of miss lily taken this week. she is becoming such a big girl and at 7 weeks old is already rockin her bumbo seat! check her out!


sometimes to keep lily entertained (aka. not crying) i will sing to her. i run out of songs from time to time and end up making up lyrics as i go. somehow yesterday i managed to rhyme "cutest" with "buddhist". poor child.

and for your picture of the day, i have evidence of a puppy love fest that was going on this morning...


i ask you, does THIS look like the face of a girl who is lucky enough to be out on a beautiful walk on a 70 degree day in texas in september?!!

i think not. little miss lily definitely has some cranky in her pants today.


as a kid i lived my life as a series of 6-week increments. it was the standard grading period in school, so it seemed like everything was based on 6 weeks.

now that lily has reached that point in her life, i wonder what kind of report card she'd give me...

1. language arts - C+
i can't understand a word you are saying, but your inflection is great and seems to make me smile these days.

2. home economics - B
you seem to keep the house relatively neat, though i'm not sure when you get it done. it seems like i wake up from naps and magically the house is in order, but oddly you do not seem rested.

3. fashion merchandising - F
i would much prefer to be naked at all times rather than have my wobbly head and arms forced into these things you keep calling 'onesies'.

4. lunch - A
keep the milk coming! great job!

5. penmanship - B
i saw you writing in my baby book and the handwriting could use some improvement. are you sure aunt erin isn't available for tutoring?


what do you think the chances are that jesus was a colic-y baby? i mean i know he was the only perfect person who ever lived, so does that mean he didn't cry for no reason and drive his mom nuts?

poor mary... can you imagine living in the year O and having to take care of a fussy newborn jesus without so much as a fisher price bouncy seat in sight? i mean there is enough stress involved in being a parent without having the whole 'savior of all mankind' pressure to deal with.


the many faces of lillian margaret









does anyone else find it ironic that every couple that has gotten engaged on 'the bachelor' has broken up and yet two couples have met and gotten married or engaged on 'the biggest loser'?

i do not have high hopes for the next edition of the bachelor. i was excited when i heard that the new hottie is from austin, but as soon as i read that he is a college dropout who became a bartender and owns the biggest cheeseball bars on 6th street, i knew it was not going to be a pretty sight.

of course i'll still be tuning in... its like a car accident. you just have to look.


lily is five weeks old!!

amanda threw lily a fun party - she was pooped!

rock on! i'm 5 weeks old!

her favorite position - stretched from head to toe!

tummy time!


goofing around

all smiles