happy birthday to me! i woke up to kevin singing me the birthday song being extra sweet and even bringing the dogs in to wish me a happy day. my mom called with her yearly ritual of playing the beatles' over the phone 'dun na na na na na na na... they say its your birthday! its my birthday too yeah!'

then sweet lily woke up in the best mood in her adorable halloween pajamas :)

we went and got starbucks and a doughnut to share to celebrate. its a pretty good day so far!






... so you can stop sending me political forwards or posting your opinion on facebook because i for one already made my decision! and for you doubters out there (*cough*mom*cough*) no, i did not vote straight party- any party!
erin and i took lily to the kappa house at UT yesterday for their halloween party. the kids got to eat lots of goodies and trick-or-treat door to door at the girls' rooms. she had a blast and was such a hit! the house mother took these pics and sent them this morning. :)

note- i had to sew her coconuts onto her top and sadly sewed them a little more where MY coconuts are hangin these days. poor girl really is perkier than i gave her credit for ;)


we went to the pumpkin patch (i know, i know, enough of the pumpkins) today with aidric and kyla. they had a great time and got to show off their halloween costumes :)








and this one cracks me up- who needs a field of pumpkins when there are stairs to play on??



my friend janessa is famous!!!!! ok, maybe not famous famous, but she looks pretty darn good in this good morning texas segment :)

click here to watch

her story, strength, and humor are truly remarkable and its so fun to see her on tv!


on the road again...

we were in dallas this weekend for what felt like a whirlwind trip! from leaving friday afternoon to coming home sunday i don't think we had a moment to spare. friday night we attended katy & jay's housewarming party and got to see their beautiful new place. saturday morning we headed to lucy's 3rd birthday costume extravaganza! lily was the cutest hula girl there (even without her coconut bra that broke about 5 minutes into the party!)

saturday afternoon/evening i had the priviledge of shooting a gorgeous wedding - a few pics on the photography blog already. and sunday we had a unsucessful attempt at a birthday brunch for kevin's mom who was called away to deliver a baby before the party even started.

all in all, it was fun and i am TIRED! :)


oh the difference a year makes... this morning lily and i took breakfast tacos and coffee (and milk.. hah) to the pumpkin patch we went to last year. check out how much she has changed!!





and a few more cuties from today...







a few pictures from our trip to the pumpkin patch this weekend :)













check out erin's handiwork! she found an old wooden play kitchen at a yard sale last week for $10, painted it, bought a new bowl for the sink, installed a real tile backsplash and voila!!

our (almost) 3 year-old niece is coming to visit this weekend, so we'll let you know what her verdict is, but i think it looks pretty darn fun!



pics courtesy of her handy dandy iphone
no blankie = deal breaker

lily and i were in a rush to get out the door to get to school on time today. i fell asleep after waking up early to put lily's picture-day clothes in the dryer and didn't wake her up until 8:15. we have to be at the church at 9:00!

now, you might ask why i was getting her clothes ready for pictures the morning OF picture day. well someone *might* have thought picture day was last week and *might* have sent lily to school all dolled up for her photo a week early... you might also be wondering why a photographer cares about her daughter's school pictures which will inevitably suck...

anyway, back to the story. in our rush, blankie was left behind to wonder where his best friend went without him. (kevin is very against the fact that i refer to blankie with male pronouns, but i can't help it. its who he is. ;)

i realized my error when we arrived at school but hoped for the best.

i received a call 3 hours later that lily was wandering around the room with a pacifier in each hand moaning in everyone's general direction and could not be consoled. i hopped in the car with blankie at my side and was there in 15 minutes where i witnessed their very emotional reunion.

they are upstairs sleeping together now. i think its been a rough day for both of them. :)


is this not the perfect halloween moon/cloud arrangement? too bad its a few weeks early...

halloween moon
reason #4927 not go to the grocery store pregnant and hungry:

i just had a reeses klondike bar and orange juice for breakfast

...then i made artichoke dip. but, hey! at least my appetite is coming back! :)


yet again, matt carter has helped me to see something in a completely new way.

as i'm sure most of us feel most of the time- i am worn out and a little overwhelmed! the last thing i feel like i have right now is an abundance of myself, my time, and my energy to offer to others in need. i think of any free time as 'me time'.

so where does that leave me? living a pretty selfish life...

we discussed isaiah 58 10-12 this morning and i realized that maybe i'm approaching this all wrong.

If you spend yourselves in behalf of the hungry
and satisfy the needs of the oppressed,
then your light will rise in the darkness,
and your night will become like the noonday.

The LORD will guide you always;
he will satisfy your needs in a sun-scorched land
and will strengthen your frame.
You will be like a well-watered garden,
like a spring whose waters never fail.

you'll notice it doesn't say ONCE you feel fulfilled and happy and strong, THEN give of yourself... it says GIVE of yourself and THEN you will be strong, satisfied, and refreshed!

now let's see if i can figure out how to really make that happen :)


lily and i were playing in the backyard this morning while breakfast was cooking. there is such a chill in the air and we could hear the high school band practicing! its officially starting to feel like fall :)


lily will now 'hug' anything you ask her to... just in time for fall :)

a few more from our fun yesterday afternoon...








what a FUN weekend! we drove up to the lakehouse with our neighbors and had a fabulous time. we are lucky to have such fun peeps living on either side of us and we had a great time hanging out away from home just relaxing.

its so nice to be away with no work, no chores, no errands! lily was on her best behavior as our only baby guest (not counting the lime baby i'm growing. and by the way- how is it already the size of a lime?! when did that happen?? hah). lily did all of her tricks and really enjoyed being the center of attention and showing off!

we rode the new waverunners and cruised around on the boat. i missed out on the tubing adventure staying at the house during one of lily's naps but everyone really had a great time. we are so grateful to have a fun place to hang out and get some r&r.


on the road again...

we are headed to the lakehouse this weekend for some r&r and i'm so excited. a whole weekend of no work and all play! i can't wait!