happy 7 month birthday, lily pants!


this weather makes us ready for spring...


casey and bea would like to take this opportunity to say hello! though no longer the frequenters of the blog that they once were, the love is still flowing in their general wiggly direction :)


lily and i have been sick all week which means lots of moaning and groaning and temperature taking. its been a rough go, but kevin was thankfully able to help us out for a day and a half.

on tuesday i woke up praying "please lord give me the patience to listen to lily whimpering all day" and when i sat next to her in the playroom she turned to me and crawled into my lap for the first time. it melted my heart right away and was definitely the answer i needed.

us girls are on the mend slowly but surely!


to quote janet jackson: what have you done for me lately? (oooh ooooh oooh yeah!)

if you want to see what barack has done for you today click here for a good laugh:

barack obama....


attack of the $1 bins at target


good morning from sweet lily


our wonderful families came into town this weekend for a very special day for miss lily. we had her dedication service at church and were so happy to share it with our friends and loved ones. we followed up the service with a tasty and beautiful brunch at erin & mike's house!

sweet charlie

saucy lucy

GaGa and lily

lily and her moon

the family at church

the haneys brought the cutest cookies EVER

always the creative hostess, erin made tastily adorable cupcakes

teary eyed lily was happy but exhausted


she's figuring out how to crawl. i am so screwed.



i know i'm kinda late to the 'photoshop' party, but man its fun! i did this today- check out vintage lily:

can you tell i love this picture of her? heeehee


the girls.

i was amazed to see her eyes are actually bigger than mine! no wonder everyone comments on them! :)


the way we love before anyone ever disappoints us, hurts our feelings, or breaks our heart is a beautiful thing...

i had my first real day off in 6 months this weekend. i drove up to dallas saturday for my wonderful friend mary's surprise birthday party and left lily and kevin in austin to fend for themselves. they had a GREAT day together and i drove back this morning.

i was playing outside with lily and had my camera in my lap and got this pic of lily looking up at my face. i know its not technically the best pic of her, but i love it because it really captures the look in her eyes when she is looking up to me.

it just reminds me that i'm her mom and for at least a few years i can do no wrong in her eyes.

she is such a sweet girl.


more pics. i seriously need a 12 step program to stop taking so many pictures of my child. thankfully i've coerced a few of the girls in my bible study to let me take pictures of their kids/families to get some good practice.

enjoy :)

gratuitous lily pic of the day....


something tells me its alsmost time to lower lily's crib mattress...

its almost valentines day! lily is pretty excited about all of the hearts i'm letting her chew on in the name of cute pictures :)


first came guitar hero. it all seemed innocent enough...but now we're addicted to rock band.

to be fair i never cared much for guitar hero. i'm not very good at it and anyone who knows me well would vouch that if i'm not good at something i usually don't continue to do it :)

based on my failure as a guitarist -in real life and video games- i got relegated to the drums on rock band and its actually ridiculously fun and addicting. (in the interest of full disclosure i should add that i played the snare drum in my 7th grade band, so its not totally new to me if you count middle school in my percussion experience.)

don't tell kevin, but i'm totally practicing when he's at work.

lily's on the microphone screaming and i'm pounding out a little bon jovi. i'll just consider this her interactive introduction to 80's rock. its educational! :)


lily was so sad when i told her that aunt erin was leaving us for a week to go on a cruise...

erin and mike called me from the loading deck of the cruise to let me know they successfully smuggled a bottle of rum on board. for those of you who haven't heard, erin actually won the cruise and they are going for FREE on the cayamo trip this week! its a cruise for music lovers and has some really great shows for them to see.

they also noted that the cruise was heavy on the lesbian and 60+ crowd, which made them take a second look to see if the indigo girls or perhaps fleetwood mac were playing, but its still just lyle lovett headlining :)

i can't wait to hear more about this adventure!


lily was very offended by my characterization of her as a priss and went rock climbing to prove me wrong.

i stand corrected.