this time it's officially official! my site is up and running and i couldn't be more excited! :)


you'll likely see a few familiar faces on there. i love how it has turned out so far and i can't wait to keep learning and growing!

if you are looking for a children's photographer in austin, family portrait photography in austin, or any kind of fun, modern photography give me a shout! :) i'd love to do maternity photography and i adore doing newborn portraits as well!


sweet lily has the most adorable shoes

...now if only i could superglue them to her feet :)
its been far too long since i posted gratuitous pictures of lily, so here ya go! :)

she was trying out her new hooded towel for a friend who is making them. when her site is up and running i will post a link!


misadventures in marketing... this weekend i came across two advertisements that made the inner marketer in me laugh enough that i had to share.

#1 - a petsitting lawn sign set up outside my neighborhood

clearly this person should have hired a graphic designer who doesn't have pet bears. did you check out the paws on that sign? i'm sure they were going for cute dog paws or possibly even cat paws, but this makes it look like they are either a lion tamer or pet-sitter to the local high school mascot.

#2 - 'my first gym' by toys r us

anyone notice the slutty mom in this picture? it raises so many questions... is this a toy aimed at dads? perhaps she was running late and just got off her other job playing a waitress on dukes of hazard? if i buy this inflatable gym am i required to wear half tops and booty shorts?


check it out!! i'm so excited :)


its a very temporary site, but it will be up until the real deal is ready. having a smarty pants husband is fun! thanks, kevin for making the site! :)


you know your life has changed when st. patricks day no longer means green beer and a form fitting green t-shirt but instead you bake cupcakes with green sprinkles and get down on your hands and knees searching under the crib for the green pacifier.

oh how the mighty have fallen :)


its official ladies and gentlemen! we have an accomplished crawler on our hands. gone are the days of placing her precariously close to somewhat potentially dangerous items that do not belong in a baby's mouth. this kid can make it all the way across the room in under a minute and has a peculiar attraction to any kind of power cord.

life is getting interesting - and tiring!

happy friday to all :)


test your awareness. its pretty darn fun.



happy middle of the week from lily!


as a break from the bazillion photos of kids i usually have on here, i'll share a few other creative projects i have been working on lately. i have done two silhouette paintings this month. they are much easier and less frustrating to me than free hand painting :)

i made this one for my sister from a photo i took of her holding lily. she is such a fabulous aunt that we wanted to thank her and give her a fun sussy. its fairly small- i think 5x8.

this one i drew free hand first and painted just to fill up an empty wall that has been bugging me. its bigger than the first- 17x20.

just a few fun and pretty easy ideas if you need quick art :)


once again adorable kids to share with you! lucky me!!!

kai and jet could not be cuter :)


i had the privilege of spending time with three amazing kids saturday and got some shots that i really like! technically there are some things to improve upon here, but emotionally i feel like i was able to get some cute moments captured.

here are a few of the shots:

today i am off to take some hopefully fun and creative shots of two of the cutest kids around. stay tuned and with any luck i'll have those up later in the week!


apparently the jolie pitt kids are enrolled in daycare about 2 miles from my house. maybe its time for lily and i to sign her up or perhaps take a tour?


gangster lily says 'sup.

but she can't keep up that tough facade for very long...

we now have a gray backdrop too. whaddya think? i think i like it better than white.
we had a great weekend! i had my first photoshoot with multiple kids and it was actually so fun and a great learning experience. i haven't gotten permission to post any pics, but if i do, you'll see some soon.

it was a gorgeous weekend and of course we love having kevin home with us for a few days! he did lots of work in the yard and i made a boatload of baby food. oh the things we now find exciting and fulfilling!

now its back to our regularly scheduled monday program :)