i wish i could have heard the inner monologue of the cashier checking me out at the grocery store last night. i was buying the following:

infant motrin & tylenol
pregnancy test

what a day we had around here! poor lily is SICK! she has mono AND strep throat! she is on antibiotics for the strep and mono is just a waiting game. we are on a quarantine from public places until her fever is gone for 2 days.

poor thing! she has been such a trooper. i knew she didnt feel great, but i never would have guessed it was that serious!

and no, i'm not pregnant.


i am so so excited! i have spread my love of etsy.com on here before, but today i'm even more in love. i found the coolest shop with adorable pillowcase dresses a while back and the talented gal behind the shop agreed to make lily a custom dress for her birthday fiesta out of a vintage embroidered mexican dress.

its SOOO cute! check it out:

visit her store for more adorable stuff - click here!!


my two favorite people doing one of my favorite things.


my big girl is almost walking! :) she loves 'cruising' our furniture and walking around the playroom with one hand on the chaise but today without thinking about what she was doing she let go of the chaise to step towards something in the middle of the room and after just one step toppled over and kept crawling like nothing momentous had happened.

new things pass by her every few days... waving, clapping, standing on her own, and now the first baby steps. it doesn't even phase her. all this growth and mobility is so exciting to her and just gets her where she wants to go. its mom who has a hard time admitting her little baby is nearly one year old! :)


i can't wait to see this... it looks super interesting and has my favorite place in the world in it - barton springs!! :)


indian dinner. self fed.

need i say more?


somehow on the way home from church i convinced kevin (a reluctant participant) that lily needed to try out fingerpainting before her nap. she was definitely a fan!

...and to our surprise, didn't try to eat any of it!

i especially love that last one b/c if you look closely, you can see all FOUR teeth! :)


i am on a mom message board that is great for getting advice and helpful when you have questions. every friday people come out of the woodwork with hilarious confessions. i think we can all get a good laugh out of them. its kinda our own version of 'post secret'.

here are a few of the funny ones from today. the names and details have been changed to protect the innocent (or is it guilty?!)

when baby eats grahm crackers she's a huge ball of goo by the time she is done. I give her a quick wipe down but then I set her on the floor for the dog to finish off... they both seem to enjoy it. :)

baby girl is walking around with my bra in her mouth and I won't take it away from her because she's being quiet.

i was glad baby was fussy at our "walking" playgroup because I didn't feel like doing any more laps and it was a good excuse for me to leave.

i watch 'the hills' so much i've started braiding my hair like lauren.

.... ok i admit that last one was mine :)


we were in dallas this weekend celebrating mother's day and charlie's first birthday! it was so much fun! here are a few pics, courtesy of michelle & erin, from the party :)

the family

not so excited about turning one...

dad you have something on your chin

lily is pumped to be in the ball pit with all boys

big girl lily walking around

hot rod lucy

my family (don't they look thrilled?)


this little gem was taken in 1979 at silver dollar city in branson. don't we make the perfect civil war family?

check out my cheeks! lily has some serious chubbing up to do if she wants a pair of those babies :)


check out the fun present that lily gave kevin for his birthday! they both love it :)

look how tiny she looks in there! :)