lily met santa today! there were big tears, but she cheered up right away when i picked her up and said 'thank you' and 'bye bye' to santa :)



it was snowing from the 'sky' and she loved that!



a little more fun with the tree pictures at lucy & charlie's tonight...

lucy & charlie

the cousins

lily & charlie



gaga and moon have the best tree!


ho ho ho! its almost time to make merry with family and friends :) erin, lily, and i are heading north on i-35 early saturday to spend a week up in big D. kevin and mike will come up on wednesday to join in the fun- i'm excited!

the blog might be kinda quiet for a week or two unless i feel the need to out my family with stories of their holiday shenanigans. :)

here is my 'virtual' version of our christmas card for my lovely blog readers:

FINAL cardfront
(kevin refers to this picture as the "i'm the lead singer in the band" picture)

card left

card right

FINAL cardback

if you did not receive one in the mail:
a) i lost your address
b) who the heck are you?
c) i wish i had enough money to buy 100 cards
d) sorry!


i'm trying to be a good girl and clean off my hard drives (all 4 of them... yes i have FOUR!) sadly as it usually is when i try to clean out any room i spend more time reminiscing than actually cleaning. i just came across these two pics from last january and i can't believe my baby isn't a baby anymore.




check out my handy husband!! after being sad for a year and a half that i have an ugly fireplace with no mantle, kevin built me a mantle!! next step, re-tiling the facing! its so much better already!



its beginning to look a LOT like christmas!!!

so let's ignore the fact that it was 80 degrees yesterday and the high for sunday is back up to 77 again, last night a cold front came through and it SNOWED!!!


so for all of you nay sayers out there thinking 'you call that SNOW?!'... why yes, yes i do! it was lily's first experience and after a big bite of it, she asked for 'more! more!'. i didn't have the heart to tell her this is probably it for the year :)


we got to see our sweet baby today- weighing in at 14 ounces and 20 weeks, the baby is doing great and everything looks like its growing as it should be! it was so fun to see the little bugger in there- they look so different from lily to me so far, though there is only so much you can tell in an ultrasound picture :)

the ultrasound tech did put the answer to the BIG question in an envelope but it was promptly sealed and sent on its merry way with kevin who refuses to answer if he has opened it or not :)

the baby is breech (surprise surprise) and is completely CHILL! when we had lily's ultrasound she was flipping and moving like a gymnast but this baby was completely calm and perfectly beautiful!

here is baby #2! (sucking on its lower lip- awww!)


here is lily at the same age!



one mystery solved, another develops...

lily calls water 'agua'. i assumed this was a bastardization of her attempt to say 'wa wa' and passed it off as a cute mistake until this morning. we were waiting for school to open and one of the boys in her class came in with his dad and excitedly yelled 'agua!' and his dad pulled his water bottle out of his bag. apparently lily has bilingual friends who are rubbing off on her in a good way :) i told the dad that i had always wondered where lily learned water was 'agua' and he was pretty proud of his son for spreading his spanish around the class!

but then we walked into class and the radio was playing, at which point lily started showing her love for gwen stefani by dancing around the room (still not sure why gwen was playing on the radio at church, but i digress). the teacher said 'oh you should see her at music class! she doesn't stop dancing the whole time!'

so i asked if they sing 'old macdonald' (to which lily replied 'eiei') because i haven't been able to figure out where lily learned that song because it definitely wasn't from me! i was sure they were singing it at school, but they don't! how in the world did she learn it?!


i just read this in my advent devotional and thought it was awesome and would be a good reminder when you're out driving around through all the gorgeous christmas lights. (a guy on our block totally threw down the gauntlet and had his up already last week!!)

"the brightest light came to bear the darkest night of the soul. the light of lights came into this world so that those of us hiding in the darkness might find ourselves hidden in him. The light will return one day in his full and radiant brilliance. Celebrate his first advent and look forward to his second."