i got the disc of my maternity pics tonight and these two just made me laugh. lily's little personality just makes me so happy- she is such a joy and seeing her develop into her own person is really a sight! :)


i have a computer print out of an email i received on january 10, 2003. i printed it the day i got it and i believe at the time i folded it into my journal, but somehow it showed up in a box of papers i am going through while trying to organize my office.

it was just a kind word from a co-worker at the time that really hit home and made me feel good about myself at a time when those moments were few and far between in life. i have no idea where this person has gone, but their email made it to my 'keep' pile. its too bad they don't know that the moment they took to send a sweet thought over 6 years ago still makes me smile.

i should write people random thoughts of kindness more often.


lazy babies or comfy uterus... you decide.

here i am with 3 1/2 weeks to go and this baby is following in its big sister's footsteps and refusing to head south! so either i have lazy babies or my uterus has some kind of comfy head rest at the top that is irresistible to babies.

i actually bought half n half at the store yesterday that expires AFTER the baby is scheduled to arrive. it was a little freaky, i won't lie. either that dairy has a shockingly long shelf life or i'm having a baby really soon...


my campaign to reduce our family size was largely unsuccessful. when it came down to it, neither kevin nor i felt right about turning bea over to a new family. i would have laughed in your face 2 years ago if you had even suggested i'd consider the possibility, and here i was lobbying for her quick and immediate departure. oh how quickly things change.

its not that i don't love my dogs. its that they are dogs. i have currently 2 humans, soon to be 3, that rely on me for their basic needs (okay, okay maybe kevin can fend for himself most days) and there just isn't a whole lot of love left over for the four-legged family members.

now that it is clear they are both staying with us, i have petitioned for help in dealing with the hair cleanup, vet appointments, barking obsessions, penchant for eating anything left within 4 feet of the ground, lack of understanding of 'personal space' for anyone on ground level, and let's not forget the urinary incontinence.

wait, why are we keeping them again? ;)


we went to the rodeo this morning and lily loved the tractors and all of the animals. in fact she had no fear of the *actual* cows, just the man dressed up as a character cow. i'm not sure if that makes her smart or crazy ;)

here are a few pics from the day. the weather was a perfect 65 degrees, but the sky was pretty gray so i opted for black and white :)











you can see all the pics HERE


a sad day. its a sad day indeed when you have to whip out a bra extender because your rib cage is busting the limits of your largest bra, which is already 2 inches wider than your normal size.

at least i'm still in denial about how big these suckers are gonna get in a few more weeks. i have the distinct memory of calling my mom into my room about 4 days post-partum with lily and saying LOOK HOW BIG THEY ARE! while naked and having my well-endowed mother nod her head in astonished agreement.


lily has a special love for her miiiiii. or 'mike' as the rest of us call him. he is e's better half and lily pretends to call him on the phone and as soon as she sees erin she always asks for miiii.

here she is with her coy smile coaxing another cookie out of him on sunday afternoon...


she's a natural flirt, what can i say? like mother like daughter ;)


what a lucky girl i am to know so many amazing photographers. and even luckier when they become friends! this sweet friend took maternity pictures for us yesterday and i stalked her blog last night until bedtime and woke up to a sweet surprise.

only 5 weeks to go until we meet the sweet surprise inside!

here are a few of my favorites- you can see all of them on her blog - jcota photography blog






Mollie_0152 copy 2


what a gorgeous weekend! we've spent most of it outside- yesterday we planted flowers and kevin went to the driving range. today we played so much at the park and in the backyard that lily needed a bath by 11am :) that's a sure sign of a good day!

i love these days of all the windows being open, the outside sounds filling the house, and gorgeous sunshine that doesn't quite melt you yet :)

suuuper lily! (note the dirt on her face!)


child labor


throughout lent i've committed to limiting my computer 'socializing' time to a maximum of 30 minutes a day. its such a temptation for me when i wake up, when lily is playing independently, when she is napping, or after bedtime to zone out and blog-hop, facebook, chat and before you know it, all of your 'free' time is gone and your house and laundry are neglected.

i can honestly say my house has never been cleaner, my family more organized, or my stress level so low. disorganization is something that typically causes me a LOT of stress- yet i wasn't doing anything to really figure out how to eliminate the issue and get on track.

so far i feel mixed about the results. i enjoy the cleanliness and sense of fulfillment from having my ducks in a row, but at the same time i feel like my life has become about 'things' instead of people. surely there is some kind of happy medium i can find...


sometimes a girl just needs a sussy.

sussies go way back in my family. any little unexpected gift can be properly categorized as a 'sussy'. today driving home from picking up lily at school i got stopped at a red light and used that as a sign i should take a right turn and go buy myself a necklace i've been eyeing for a few months.

i wore it out of the store. lily took one look at it and said 'tweet tweet!' i love it.

my two baby birds

you can get yours here :) they have some very precious stuff- i love it all!


lily and i hung out with some rockin photographers yesterday and i was the only one who didn't whip out my camera during our playgroup. i felt guilty today and pulled it out for a walk around the neighborhood :)

first we found some flowers...






then we tap-danced on a utility cover
(they make great sounds when you stomp on them!)

a big favorite- the mail station!


note: a playground is less than 100 feet away, yet we are at the mailboxes


right after this she turned to me and said 'dirty!'


just another day with lil :)


some things just never change. i just found this letter:


To #3,

We thought at first a girl, then a boy. Your mom said today you're definitely a girl, well I still bet at boy. I've got to tell you your mother is correct 90% of the time.

You seem calmer than the previous happenings- confident almost. Its hard to believe you are our last. So much happiness in such a short time.

We want everything to be perfect for you- with what and who you have to face you may need some help. We will not treat you as the baby of the family- you should be the best. We've already made all the mistakes with Erin and Tim. just ask them!

You won't believe your mother. How in the hell she puts up with my schedule and bad temper plus runs the house and keeps you kids in line. You have a good example of love in her.

I'm so nervous, hiding my excitement I think. I drove Erin and Tim buggy today with my nervous energy. Your mother wasn't fooled. I can't tell you how much your mother means to me, you will just not believe the love and admiration I have for her.

You are very close tonight- too bad there is no stork. I will see and hold you in the morning. Sleep tight- I can't wait to hear your first cry.

Love, DAD