i'm going to blame pregnancy hormones once again for my tears at church this morning. easter hymns have always been particularly special to my mom, so they hit a nerve with me to begin with, but once the water works started coming this morning i couldn't stop them!

we were singing a song that referenced the leopard changing its spots and i just felt this welling up of hope that i have the potential to continue to become more of the mom and wife and friend that i know God can enable me to be.

the sermon was based on acts 26:18
open their eyes, and to turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan unto God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins, and inheritance among them which are sanctified by faith that is in me.

i know God has opened my eyes, but i feel like i still struggle to see which can feel defeating when you feel yourself not turning towards the light in some moments and you don't feel worthy of the forgiveness and inheritance that follows. then i thought about the baby opening its eyes on friday and i will snuggle and cuddle that sweet baby, but it will not see me clearly. its vision will be blurry and still developing and yet they will be seeing as best they can.

it just made me feel some hope and maybe my 'vision' will continue to develop and i can make my own efforts to see more clearly. its nice to feel hopeful when life is about to get completely crazed and my patience and character will be tested on a daily basis again :)

all in all it was a fabulous easter! we were lucky to have great friends over for an easter celebration with super yummy food and even better company. the weather turned out completely gorgeous and we spent hours just sitting outside talking & laughing. lily loved having company of course and put on quite the show for everyone. it doesn't get much better than that for our last sunday as a family of 3.

and because i can never resist a cute pic or two, here is lily in her easter dress (lovingly handed down from cousin lucy) loving her cake egg.

yummy eggs

how cute are those?! staci made them inspired by bakerella and they were delish!

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Erin Ivey said...

thanks for the picture of the easter dress! by the time i had arrived, lily was naked.