today is good friday- my last friday as a family of 3. its hard to imagine another blessed soul entering this family... or me being able to keep up with another one!

the depths of my pregnesia (limited mental capacity due to pregnancy) know no bounds and i'm counting on it leveling off once this tiny one is living life on the outside. i left a hollow chocolate bunny in my car yesterday for 6 hours. in texas. in 90 degree weather. i managed to turn lemons to lemonade and enjoyed a lovely banana dipped in melted chocolate as an afternoon snack, but wish this did not mean i need to make yet another trip to the store before easter.

the emotional side of me is a little bit heartbroken that my time with lily as a twosome is coming to an end and that so much is changing for her that i really have no way to prepare her for or even warn her about. i know she will roll with the punches like the sweet girl she is, but it still squeezes my heart a little bit to know things will never be the same.

in a few months i am sure i will look back and not be able to even remember life before baby b. entered our world, but for the next 7 days i will do my best to sleep as much as possible, allow myself to be irrationally emotional, and enjoy all the chocolate that crosses my path.


Lisa said...

good luck these last few days, mollie. i am having the same emotional dilemma... hard to imagine wanting to take care of someone else as much, but then also know that in the end it will be wonderful. it's a true tug of war! best of luck. like you said, in a few months i'm sure we'll look back and smile. :)

Carolyn said...

Best of luck Mollie. You are so grounded and know exactly what we all need (sleep and chocolate.) I will be praying for you this week and can't wait to see your *awesome* photos of baby b!