"the only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize" -steel magnolias

goodness knows i'm better at conceptualizing cute accessorized looks than actually pulling them off from day to day, or being able to afford them, but i am super excited for my dear friend jill's new venture with stella & dot!

the jewelry is super cute- just the right mix of modern and romantic- and the price tags won't make you faint like most anthropologie-esque styles do these days. i'm hoping to host a party for her in austin soon- drop me a line if you want to come! in the meantime, you can shop on their site and support my wonderful stay-at-home mom friend by using this link: stella & dot

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Anonymous said...

i love the jewelry! jill, expect an order soon. thanks, mollie, for showing us. it could be addicting.mom/gaga/vicki