well christmas is here in three days and i have made it through the insanity of holiday season both with work and life in general.

we have made it to this point in one piece, but we are down to two wise men and one shepherd in lily's nativity set. we're also missing an angel. heck, i figure as long as mary, joseph, and baby jesus make it to the 25th, its a victory for all involved.

i have a few last minute things i am going to try to get accomplished, but really i'm just ready for some down-time and want to enjoy the miracle of jesus' birth without being concerned about what present isn't wrapped and if there are enough clean guest towels.

merry christmas to you and yours. i really hope you're getting to take deep breaths and soak up the wonder of the season. at least one of us should ;)

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CFO said...

We are missing a wise man as well...maybe he can find his own way back to civilization... We can hope. :)