sisterhood has begun!! these two had a fun time playing earlier. it makes my heart happy to see them beginning to really interact :)

first lily tried to make eve clap...

then eve pulled her hair :)

this was eve's first day in pants- how cute is she?!

lily wanted to hold her- looks like eve loves this, huh? :)

both girls happy and posing for the camera!!!

lily and eve are both 'done'!!


just a few of my eve playing today...


happy birthday to you!
happy birthday to you!
happy birthday, sweet lily!
happy birthday to you!

you made me a mother and have taught me more in the last two years than i ever imagined. the joy in my heart when you laugh with your entire body is immeasurable. the sound of your little voice calling out 'i love you, mommy' is the sweetest sound these ears have heard.

i am reminded daily that i alone am not capable of being your mother- that my source of strength, patience, and wisdom must always come from the Lord if both of us are going to make it through life in one piece :)

last year you went to sleep on the eve of your birthday a baby, sucking on a bottle and with few words to communicate your thoughts. this year you ran screaming through the house that you were naked, picked out your pajamas, and read ME a book (from memory of course) before feeding your baby sister a bottle and climbing into bed. how has so much changed in a mere 365 days?

i love you lily. you will always be my baby.

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i hope to find time this week to take some time with just lily to celebrate being two years old and get a few pictures. if it works out, i'll be sure to share them here! :)
lily's beach party birthday bash was a big hit! she still has one more day until she is officially twoooooo (as she says it) but we had friends over yesterday to celebrate. here are a few pics from the day. more on flickr

its my party and i'll wear a tutu over my bathingsuit if i want to...

giggles with e

giggles with grandma and daddy

octopus cupcakes in sand

issac pinch hits the candle blowout

aidric and kyla love cupcakes


are toddlers allowed to be this gorgeous??

GaGa and lil

the happiest sam on the block

aidric has really embraced the beach theme

cutest juliet i know

presents, presents, presents!!!


we had one of our last playgroups last week with lily's favorite boyfriend, aidric. these three have been friends since they were teeny tiny and we are so sad that aidric's family is moving to california. there will definitely be something missing from austin once they leave, but we wish them the best and are so excited for their new adventure.





(see no evil, hear no evil, giggle no evil)


she's on the move...




in honor of the entrepreneurial spirit of those around me, here is a new business i'd love to share with you:

energy menders
home energy audits. our friends, the scotts, are one half of this new business. new regulations recently put in place require an energy audit on any home sold in austin that is over 10 years old. if you are buying or selling, use energy menders!


i'll be posting erin's 16 week maternity pics on the photo blog soon, but i just had to share this sweet snap of her with lily. the smile on lily's face is SO 'lily'. i love it. she was thrilled to see her auntie e yesterday.



they say you learn something new every day.

today's lesson: don't turn your back on your baby at playgroup...


apparently lily's 2-year-old friend, kyla, thought eve looked lonely :)


three month-olds can be a tough age for pictures- not young and squishy like a newborn and not strong enough to hold up their heads super well or sit up. now that miss eve is hitting the awkward stage, i find myself taking more and more candid pictures of her but had to steal a few sweet sleepy moments today...

then she woke up and i kept going just a bit :)

but clearly i bore her ;)

the cute white blanket in these pics was hand made for eve by my aunt patty's close friend. eve loves it!