i get lots of comments and emails about my camera equipment, so i've added a list on the right of what is currently in my camera bag! i'll add to it as it grows and changes, but hopefully the list is pretty complete for now.

i've toyed with the idea of getting into some off-camera flash and i'd really like to add an 85mm to the list at some point. for now i'm very comfortable with the equipment i have and get consistent, wonderful results from them! i'm definitely a canon girl and that won't be changing anytime soon!

i will still try to answer individual questions as time and life allow, but for now hopefully this will be helpful to a few of you :)


here's a little fun in eve's bed. lily loves climbing in with a pi-tow (pillow) and blanket and cozying up with her sister!




yet another rain dance. we sure are loving this weather.





(she made a 'bed' out of a porch chair pillow and a washcloth)


this morning lily, eve, and i went to visit erin for a while. we took her lunch and just hung out. the nurses brought us a wheelchair to get her out of her room for a bit and just have a change of scenery.

they always bring us bariatric wheelchairs, which are understandably quite large. they actually come in handy because we use the double wide so that erin and lily can sit side by side while erin typically holds eve.

we were cruising down the hallways around the labor & delivery unit and lily decided she wanted to get off the chair and help mommy. she does this a lot with eve's stroller- but the wheelchair is so wide she can't reach both handles and was putting her hands on the back pushing hard and then running to catch up to it.

erin and i were encouraging her and clapping saying 'good job lily... PUSH! yay!!!!! PUSH! way to go!!' and before we knew it several nurses popped around the corner to see what the commotion was all about.

it was at that moment that i realized we were in the hallway of the hospital with a pregnant lady yelling 'PUUUSH!!!'

once erin and i recognized the false alarm we had caused, we laughed pretty hard. sometimes we are such goofballs- i mean really, who yells 'push!!!' repeatedly on the floor full of pregnant people?!

i think the nurses were just glad there weren't babies being birthed in the hallway ;)


there are moments as a parent that you are so proud of your children that your heart swells.

when dropping lily off at school i noticed a new note had been added to her folder on the wall. every child has a folder where you can leave notes for the teacher or vice versa.

curious as to what they had to say about my sweet girl, i went over to read it and her folder now reads:

"watch to be sure she does not eat dirt on playground"

so like i said about those moments your heart bursts with pride, this wasn't one of them. classic.


a ray of hope. one tiny twinge of it.

lily has been grumptastic all afternoon. lots of whining, crying about the silliest things, and falling apart when a fly landed on her dinner. i find this ironic because her note from her teacher at school said "lily is just such a happy girl". ummm... whatever you say!

through all this grumpfest, she managed to cheer up a bit after her bath when we realized she had learned the hokey pokey at school and started singing along with her. she was pumped to show me how to 'shake it all about'.

the last thing we do before taking her to her crib is lay on the guest bed and read a chapter or two from her children's bible. its a stretch most days to get miss 'always-in-motion' to calm down and sit for a book sans pictures but i do what i can. today i was reading about abraham's children and how his descendants are countless, like the stars in the sky and the sand on the beach and as i read on, lily started saying 'one, two, three, four, five'. she counted because i said 'countless'!!

AHA! so she IS listening! this is the very first confirmation i have EVER gotten when reading her bible that she hears a word of what i am saying. i thought it was just a good habit to have started early but based on her body language when i am reading the bible i assumed i sounded much like charlie brown's teacher (WAH WAH WAAAH WAAAAH).

it was just so nice to end an afternoon full of so much mind numbing whining with a eensy weensy glimmer of confirmation that something positive is happening.


if this doesn't make you smile, check your pulse!


talk about a rain dance! lily was thrilled that it was raining today (heck, who wasn't thrilled?!) she stripped down and had a blast and i captured some of her fun.


haven't you heard? 2nd day of school pics are ALL the rage! no one takes them on the first day anymore- its very passe ;)

here lily is, suiting up for her second day of school. she LOVES her new class. she talked about her teacher 'miss shelby' several times in the past few days and was super excited to get to class this morning.

all ready to go!

showing off her bag

runs back for one last thing...

wants to read just one more book before school

checking to be sure everything is in her bag

offering me her sack lunch

big smiles

she jumps right into the action in class

then heads to the books :)

and just for a fun comparison, last year heading into school for the first time, she was still such a baby!


well i was sadly (and ironically) the only parent dropping her child for the first day of 'school' yesterday without a camera. i managed to take it with me to pick her up, so this is more of a 'look how messy a day at school makes me' post :)

think its bad to take pictures tomorrow? maybe i'll make 2nd day of school pics all the rage...

her locker is right next to her friend jet!

my wild animal

on our way home

lily 'praying'


i wouldn't even know it was college football season without facebook updates. i was driving to my sister's house today and saw planes with trailing marquee signs circling around and it didn't even dawn on me that there was a UT home game today!

my only other sign was the faint sound of drums from the high school band practice that has resumed every morning. thankfully it has been nice enough outside to actually enjoy breakfast in the fresh air while listening to the drumming.

i have hope that the cooler temperatures (and by cooler, i mean just the nineties, not triple digits!) and football season mean that its almost time for holiday fun, crazy work season, and sweet twin baby girls.

and of course i have just about a million pictures from our week :)