i tried to tape lily singing the song for you, but she wasn't that into it, so i promised her a candy cane if she sang it (we have a gazillion tiny ones left from the holidays). here is our best take. i think the end is the best part :)

the song actually goes:

have patience, have patience
don't be in such a hurry
have patience, have patience
don't even start to worry
remember, remember
that God is patient too
and think of all the times
that others have to wait for you


Neely said...

This is the cutest video. ever.

Jenifer said...

Even my husband laughed out loud. She is so cute!

katy said...

oh my goodness, that is hilarious! i have to admit, at first notice of the title, i was expecting her to bust out a little guns n roses. this was definitely cuter. :)

now let's go downstairs and get a cannnycane. giggle.

Courtney said...

Get out of town, that girl is just too cute! I love it!!

Anonymous said...

WOW. What a cutie. That is so adorable.