look out martha stewart... i made a birthday hat for eve this morning. after finding the CUTEST hats made of felt on ebay, i really wanted a cute hat for her to wear while eating her cake. of course knowing if i somehow rationalized the $25 price tag on etsy, she'd refuse to wear it, i wanted to figure out a way to make one on the cheap.

i am not handy with sewing or felt, etc so i made her a very very easy but cute one this morning. i even cheated by buying the $2 thomas the train uglyness at the grocery store as the hat form. i used spray glue to cover it in 4 layers of tissue paper so that thomas wasn't visible.

lily is a big fan, so she and i are going to make one for her when eve takes her nap.


Becca said...

Very cute! I bought a $12 hat at a party store for my guy's 1st bday and he wouldn't keep it on at all! Way to go for being creative!

Kessler said...

Super cute!!

Maria Delgado said...