we had a lovely mother's day brunch at my sister's house this morning with GaGa and her sister, my aunt Patty. yummy french toast casserole, eggs, and pigs in a blanket (just the blanket for me, pass the pigs to lily!)

then we got home and while eve took a nap, lily and i soaked in a bath. she was laying on my stomach with her head on my chest and i said 'i love you lily, did you know you made me a mommy?'

she picked up her head and looked at me excitedly and said 'uh huh! did i make your eyebrows too?'

maybe she'll 'get' it next year... :)

happy mother's day!


Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA!!! Good story to remember. HAPPY MOTHER DAY! - kerrin

The Lunoff Adventures said...

Love it. I love her personality.