its (another) girl! :)

the gals and i painted toenails bright pink in celebration - pics here!


eve has started playing pretend a lot more lately. she mastered 'faux' eating and tea parties a month or two ago but today she was sitting in the doll bed saying 'ni ni' and laying down. her cuteness has no bounds :)


not because you need to know, but because i do not want to forget.

eve @ 15 months old

bubba (casey)
dora (mom of the year)
bye bye

less frankenstein baby walking, more confident by the day. cute as a button with your scrunchy nose and still cuddling with me when you're extra tired.
my mom commented yesterday 'lily just LOVES life.' i couldn't agree more. she seems to do everything with 100% gusto and it is so fun for me to see her loving every minute of her birthday. from the moment she woke up to the moment she fell asleep she was in heaven. surrounded by people she loves and her favorite treats and new toys... what could be better??

a few of the pictures from lily's birthday ice cream extravaganza are on the photo BLOG and there is a bigger set on FLICKR.


lily. truthteller.

i went into her 'cave' this morning. (cave = an under-the-stairs closet full of toys & books that the former owner craftily painted with a dinosaur mural) i was organizing odds and ends back in their bins as there was so much stuff on the floor you could scarcely walk inside. lily asked...

'what are you doing in there mama?'

'i'm cleaning up!'

'when you're done can i get it all messy again?'

story of my life.


as i look in the mirror knowing i have physically only gained 2 pounds, but looking like i have gained at least 10, i finally realize why 'they' always say to not worry about how much you weigh, but about how your clothes fit when trying to get in shape.

oy. mama needs to loosen up the purse strings and buy some ugly ole maternity shorts. i can only live in elastic waist cotton skirts for so long...

for those curious to know, we will be finding out its a girl... *achem* i mean finding out the gender of the baby next wednesday!


my day in numbers...

7... minutes eve has been crying since going down (overtired) for her nap
1... times i have shouted 'that's ENOUGH!'
2... shots lily got at the doctor
3... times eve threw up last night
15... times lily shouted 'mommy turn the hall light OFF' while i was trying to clean up puke at 2am
5... days until lily's birthday party and i've done zilch to prepare
3... diapers our dog dug out of the trash and ate while we were out
2... playgrounds already visited today in an effort to keep grumpy girls happy until nap time
0... the amount of motivation i have to clean my house in the first quiet moment i've had since waking up
6... rooms in my house need to be cleaned
154... days until i can crack open a cold one during nap time after mornings like this


just a few fun snapshots of the cousins from this weekend. we had a great visit!


Lily in banana

in case you need inspiration to 'dance like no one is watching' let lily be your guide. caught her in the act at banana republic in the mall...


those of you who know me well may know that routine and predictability can go a long ways in making me a happy girl. i tend to have a hard time being organized or disciplined about certain things, so routine is my way of triumphing over my scattered side.

you will find me and my girls at the same grocery store at the very same day and time every single week. nap time? the same time. every day. if they wake up early? they chill in their beds until wake up time. i just need that predictability and knowing how much time i have with them after naps before kevin gets home gives me a sense of control.

ahhh... control. is that what this is all about? at church this morning the speaker pointed out that life isn't about routine, its about how you handle life when routine is interrupted. its not about creating a predictable flow of days that just come and go, its about how you fare when the unpredictable throws you into foreign territory.

easily frustrated? quickly tempermental? who me??? noooooo.... okay maybe a little. rather than turning to virtues like patience and grace and seeing life as an opportunity for experience rather than control, i look for the soonest chance to get things 'back on track' and into my false sense of being in charge of what is really going on.

it was a good reminder to seek more than predictability and ease out of life. of course, i'm still gonna be at the grocery store at 8am, tomorrow is monday afterall... old habits die hard ;)