those of you who know me well may know that routine and predictability can go a long ways in making me a happy girl. i tend to have a hard time being organized or disciplined about certain things, so routine is my way of triumphing over my scattered side.

you will find me and my girls at the same grocery store at the very same day and time every single week. nap time? the same time. every day. if they wake up early? they chill in their beds until wake up time. i just need that predictability and knowing how much time i have with them after naps before kevin gets home gives me a sense of control.

ahhh... control. is that what this is all about? at church this morning the speaker pointed out that life isn't about routine, its about how you handle life when routine is interrupted. its not about creating a predictable flow of days that just come and go, its about how you fare when the unpredictable throws you into foreign territory.

easily frustrated? quickly tempermental? who me??? noooooo.... okay maybe a little. rather than turning to virtues like patience and grace and seeing life as an opportunity for experience rather than control, i look for the soonest chance to get things 'back on track' and into my false sense of being in charge of what is really going on.

it was a good reminder to seek more than predictability and ease out of life. of course, i'm still gonna be at the grocery store at 8am, tomorrow is monday afterall... old habits die hard ;)


themaggers said...

Aw I knew I have should have held off my shopping for the morning! Tell Lil to enjoy a sprinkle donut for me :)

mandie lane said...

I really like this post, Mollie. Especially this part: "seeing life as an opportunity for experience rather than control" - I needed to hear that tonight! Thanks. :)

Ali Foley Shenk said...

Ah yes. I was the same way until a little boy named Dean came into my life. :) But still, I'm a work in progress.