i just sneezed and lily yelled 'BLESS YOU' through the wall. its nap time and i'm at my desk in the office next to her room. it really makes me want to run in and play with her (since she clearly is forgoing her nap today anyway).

i have 7 more weeks with my girls before our world gets rocked again. i am quickly getting to the super uncomfortable phase, still have not chosen a name, rarely sleep and am finishing up the last few weeks of work. as i get more uncomfortable, cranky, and tired i am trying to listen to good music to improve my mood and spend time thinking about what i'm thankful for.

afterall, thanksgiving is just around the corner. i'm so thankful for my husband. so so thankful for my girls. i'm thankful to have learned my limits this past year and chosen to stick by them as much as possible so that my girls and my husband know they are my priorities. i'm thankful for my family and the support of my friends.

i'm thankful that i've refrained from killing my dog no matter how annoying i find him these days. i'm thankful that despite my frustrations lately, i haven't added any curse words to lily's vocabulary. i'm thankful for my housekeepers since i can barely manage to straighten up the house every 2 weeks for them to deep clean.

i'm thankful that in 48 days i get to meet my baby.

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klp said...

wow. we are so on the same wavelength today, even if i can't get my cell phone to work when i call you.

i just finished a post about how thankful i am for my life right now and when i finished, i saw the update that you just posted this, too. crazy.

i am thankful for YOU. love you, and i can't wait to meet your baby in 48 days, either. :)