we are still alive and kicking over here. just making it through the week (and really, of ALL weeks for the girls to not have mom's day out this is not the one i would have chosen!!). happy tomorrow is thursday and even happier that the weekend is almost here!

pics of my three girls- the sisters -on the photo blog HERE :)


thanks to a post by my friend neely on facebook, we were tipped off to crazy pete's trail of lights just down the street from our house. kevin's dad came into town to spend a few days with us and we decided since it was such a beautiful night out that we'd go check out the scene. the girls loved it! eve cried 'more lights! more lights!' the whole way home and lily wants to take her cousins to go see it when they come into town for christmas.

for me it was just nice to get outside and get some fresh air and enjoy seeing the delight on lily and eve's faces as they took in the display.

me and my girls


i'm still alive... barely.

no, i kid, i kid. seriously though, as though its a welcome wagon back to the world of newborns, mastitis paid me its third visit today. third kid, third round of antibiotics. breastfeeding and i just really have a love hate relationship.

my mom has been here all week and i'd be lying if i said i thought we would have made it through without her. okay, maybe we would have made it through but with much more fast food meals and no one would have a stitch of clean clothing on. as it stands we ate home cooked meals and i'm not sure there is a dirty linen to be found in this house (save the swaddle blanket miss annie just spit up on).

it is time for her to go home. back to my dad, to prepare for christmas, and eventually after the holidays back to work. its so hard for me when she leaves. every time i fall apart. why is that? surely by now i know that once she is gone i WILL be okay. life might not be quite so easy but it will indeed go on and eventually become our new norm. so why the tears? (to be honest, the crying has already begun and she's not leaving for 12 hours)

i can't explain it. i just mourn her leaving and having to regain my status as 'the mom' in the house. when she is here, she is the queen. she seems to get it all done without complaint, without losing her temper, and with such grace. so basically the opposite of how i operate :)

i remember the morning my mom left me home alone with lily. she was about 10 days old and i was terrified. mom walked out the door and i sat on the floor in my foyer and just cried holding this tiny baby thinking 'how can i be responsible for this child?? my mom is gone!' and i turned around and there was a note waiting for me. of course my mom who does it all, also thought to leave me a sweet note. i read it crying and got up and told lily i hope one day, even at nearly 30, she still thinks life is better with me around.

she's leaving tomorrow morning. i can do this.


susanna kathleen- our little annie.

we were at a loss when it came to naming our third girl. having already used family names for our first and second, we felt like we'd just plain run out of decent ideas (seeing as 'esther irene' isn't really our speed).

we tossed a LOT of names around. a whole lot. kevin has surprisingly strong opinions about baby names and did his fair share of veto'ing.

just a week or two before her birth i mentioned the nickname 'annie' and kevin was hooked. he then set out to come up with the perfect formal name for his girl that i could get on board with. (all of our girls have longer given names with nicknames) we considered a bunch and were out on a date saturday night and when 'susanna' was thrown out, we both liked it... a lot.

then i looked up it's meaning. ' It is derived from Σουσάννα (Sousanna), the Greek form of the Hebrew שושנה Shoshannah, which is derived from the Persian شوشان shoshan meaning lily, true beauty'. THEN we realized, our first date was at a restaurant called 'suzi's'. it just seemed to fit and when she was born kevin held her for the first time and confirmed 'yep, she's a susanna'.

so our dangerously close to unnamed child ended up with an adorably sweet name that feels just perfect for her, fits with lily and eve and has a sweet story to boot!

we love you, annie!
susanna kathleen
7lbs 14ozs

my heart is full.

Out of his fullness we have all received grace upon grace
john 1:16


lily wanted me to take her up for naps today. she asked if i could hold her hand 'all the way up the stairs to her room'.

eve needed to be held in the middle of her nap today. i rocked her until i felt her breath grow steady and her fingers dropped out of her mouth.

tomorrow we all get to meet the littlest member of our family. there's so much love in those sweet girls' hearts- what a lucky baby sister.


ch-ch-ch-ch chaaaaanges! turn and face the strain... oh david bowie your wisdom astounds me (with the exception of space oddity... seriously what was that all about??)

my last two days as a mom of two are officially underway and the to-do list the length of my arm is keeping me distracted. kevin and i are going on a date tonight for just one more chance to sit and talk to each other before life gets turned upside down again.

some say that going to three was easier than going to two, some tell me that their third 'sunk their battleship' and it remains to be seen what our experience will be, but in the very least we are in this together! together with two amazing girls who are anxiously awaiting their baby sister's arrival. baby sister that also remains unnamed, unless you ask lily, in which case she will tell you that we are naming her 'pluukey'.

for now i am just going to keep moving, doing laundry, packing a hospital bag, wrapping christmas presents and not get too emotional. i'll leave that freakout for sunday night :)


a sneak peek into ruby and tess' christmas presents...

it has begun. i started crying this morning about my sweet eve being a big sister in two days. my cuddle monster who lights up my life every single morning when i walk into her room just has no idea what is going on.

i just want to rock her all day long and whisper in her ear 'you'll always be my baby... no matter what. i'll never let you be the 'forgotten' middle child.'

gah. tears.


let me set the stage. ruby and tess' first birthday party. lovely cookies & milk theme, lots of friends and family celebrating. ruby and tess starting to get a tad tired...

i walk by tess in the kitchen being held by my sister's best friend and it happens. she reaches her arms out for ME and lunges in my direction. SWEET VICTORY!! tess loves me!!! tess knows who her aunt mollie is and wants ME to hold her when she is overwhelmed.

it happened two other times during the party, once even when being held by her GaGa (my mom). i mean i don't want to brag or anything, but tess thinks i'm pretty darn cool. :) what a great moment for an aunt!!

and just in case you haven't ventured over to the photo blog- please go see their adorable cake smash and birthday pictures. i know i am biased but there is some serious cuteness going on over there :) http://www.bloomaustin.com/blog/


santa: a progression.