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i've been wishing for a while that lily would sit still long enough to watch an episode of ANYTHING on television. i mean is 22 minutes too long to ask for peace and quiet??

she has slowly been taking to dora and usually in the morning when eve is napping i can get it to hold her attention long enough for me to clean the kitchen and get the day organized. this morning i pushed play on dora the explorer and dora was exclaiming 'say map! say map!'

lily threw her head over her shoulder indignantly and said 'i don't want to!!'

at least i'm not the only one she talks back to.


thankful. i'm incredibly thankful.

thankful to be a person of faith and that the holy spirit has carried me through so many days lately. let's face it, dealing with separation anxiety vs. being buried in a collapsed building in haiti? i have it pretty darn good. yet the holy spirit is with me every moment, carrying me and guiding me and giving me the strength that i need to face the every day challenges that i face being a mother, a wife, a sister, a business owner, a friend, a daughter.

i often feel like i have learned more about my relationship with God through having my children. when they whine and cry for something just beyond their reach, i think 'is that how i sound to God when i am not getting exactly what i want, the moment i want it?' or when they can't fully understand my love for them or my reasons for discipline i think 'they don't quite have the capacity to understand this fully, yet i will persevere... is that how God feels about his love for me and my limited understanding of who He is in fullness?'

and so i plug along, wondering if i am living a fraction of the life that God has planned for me and when and where i will choose to impact more than the small circle of influence that i currently reside comfortably within. i know there is so much more for me to do, yet some days it is all i can do to just make it through the day with my patience and sanity in tact. and in truth, it is God who carries me through.

God is good. i'm thankful for that.


i tried to tape lily singing the song for you, but she wasn't that into it, so i promised her a candy cane if she sang it (we have a gazillion tiny ones left from the holidays). here is our best take. i think the end is the best part :)

the song actually goes:

have patience, have patience
don't be in such a hurry
have patience, have patience
don't even start to worry
remember, remember
that God is patient too
and think of all the times
that others have to wait for you


pure sweetness


there is irony in this conversation.

lily: mommy... mommy... mom... mommy... ma... mommymommymommymommy...

me: YES?! what is it lily?

lily: can we sing the patience song?


man eve had me fooled. all the sweet smiles, easy going personality, and cute giggles had me thinking she was going to be a piece of cake. little miss has recently embraced her personal freedom of crawling and standing and i found her doing this yesterday.

now i must point out that my 2.5 year old has NEVER unrolled toilet paper so i truly was surprised to find her doing this!!


merry christmas and happy new year! well... i think that gets us all caught up :)

no? okay, let's see... we hosted my family for christmas in austin this year! hooray! it was our first christmas EVER to be in austin and at home on christmas morning. what a treat to not be travelling all day from house to house and sleep in our own beds. lily LOVED christmas morning and loved having lucy & charlie (and the gang) at our house opening presents.

there was a moment around 7:30am sitting on the floor in the livingroom in my pajamas with a cup of coffee in one hand, eve in my lap, lily playing with a toy from her stocking, and a fire in the fireplace that i just looked at kevin and said 'i love you'. it was my perfect christmas moment. i can't wait to have another one next year.

we went up to dallas to celebrate with kevin's family and so enjoyed catching up with them and watching lily play with her cousins. i got to visit with friends and see my favorite 3 month old, link.

now that we are back home, we're trying to settle into a routine again and i now understand why parents love it when school starts up again. i'm so glad lily has school today- i'm worn out! i'm already back in the thick of work and though i thought january would be a bit of down-time for me, its turning out quite busy! we are very blessed in so many ways and it has never been clearer than in the past few weeks.

the last tid bit that should bring you completely up to date would be that kevin and i started P90X last night and i can tell i'm going to be insanely sore later today. the host is unbearably in love with himself, so as long as we can stand that for 89 more days, i really am happy we are doing this together! not only is it an hour every day that we are hanging out (honestly, we don't always get an hour alone!!) but i'm happy to be attempting to reclaim a fraction of pre-baby fitness.

i'll be sure to post more about P90X as long as my fingertips aren't too sore to type.