oh what fun was had this weekend. my sweet college friends and i laughed till we cried and sang at the top of our lungs. its a great feeling to be surrounded by people you can be as dorky as possible in front of without judgement.

if only you could have seen us dancing around to bad music in the kitchen, half with giant baby bumps. it was good times.

even though i came home completely exhausted (i can't remember the last time i stayed up till after 1am two nights in a row OR had that many glasses of wine) i am also very refreshed at the same time.

love you friends!


okay all you moms of two out there- its advice time. i mean time for YOU to give ME advice. ;) i'd love comments on this one- how much baby wrangling do you do to keep your older babe a happy camper? sometimes lily is lining things up or setting her toys just so and hurricane eve comes through and throws it all into chaos.

type a lily has no idea what to do when this happens and generally freaks out. so do you:

a) say 'its okay if she wants to play with your toys with you.' and let eve wreck her fun, hoping lily will relax and go with it.

b) relocate or distract eve to allow lily to play in peace

c) start the day with libations in your coffee so these issues don't seem quite so dramatic ;)

d) none of the above. my children play delightfully together. sorry you drew the short stick.


in case you're wondering if lily's fabulous sense of humor runs in the family, i'm here to confirm that for you. now i'm not bragging about my own level of wit here.

my parents met up with my brother and his kiddos for breakfast this weekend and little charlie (just 2 months older than lil) tried to sneak some pepper into moon's coffee when he wasn't looking. my brother caught him in the act and reprimanded him 'charlie!!' and he looked at his dad, shrugged and said 'come on, its FUNNY!'

seriously? seriously? i love it.
that was short lived.



so a few months ago we did the great pacifier fairy event and lily's pacifiers all went away. a few successful weeks passed and i breathed a sigh of relief. then the crying started.

a few weeks of crying herself to sleep later, we resurrected the pacifier and all was peaceful again. she has since moved into a 'big' bed and gotten potty trained and the only remnant of her baby self (other than ever present blankie) is that darn pacifier.

i honestly haven't been too worried about it and i figure when she's ready she'll give it up. she uses is to sleep and is a fabulous sleeper, so i'll just count my blessings and let it go, right?

well after her nap today she announced she wanted to give her pacifiers to ruby and tess so that they wouldn't cry anymore. i dont want to jinx anything but lily went to bed sweetly and soundly without her pacifier tonight.

of course that was after i laid in bed with her and told her 'lily you are really wonderful'. to which she responded 'i AM!!!!!' and threw her arms in the air. something tells me she doesn't have any self esteem issues.


what a weekend of INSANE weather! warm warm warm COLD WINDY warm. i'm exhausted :)

i have had lots of work lately (NINE sessions in 2.5 weeks) but thankfully i have a bit of a break ahead since i am heading out of town this weekend with my favorite college friends. a girls' trip with no boys and no babies!!! sign me up!

this afternoon we were happy to get outside with our kite (for the record, i had a great time flying it, kevin however was quite frustrated by it and took it back to the garage opting for the playground instead. haha). we just enjoyed the fresh air and some good old fashioned running all over the place. i got my new favorite shot of lily (on the photo blog!!!) and these of the girls monkeying around on the playscape.

life is good!


my very favorite thing about lily being in a twin bed are the few minutes before bedtime when we are all in her bed laughing and tickling and reading and singing. its the BEST part of the day. the girls are in great moods from bathtime and we just love on each other.

last night lily took that a little too literally.

i'm laying on her bed and she reaches over and grabs my boob and says 'i love ya babe'.

one guess who she learned that quality move from...


lily and i had a very fun morning. she woke up in a fabulous mood, played and had breakfast, donned our green (it was faux st. patricks day at school since they'll miss it during spring break).

when we walked into class she was happy happy and as eve and i were about to walk out the door a subsitute assistant teacher came in. my stomach sank because i knew this would be hard for lil- she really has a hard time with unexpected change. it just sets her off and makes her very uneasy, thinking maybe she doesn't know what will happen all day. she craves familiarity and knowing what is coming next makes her feel confident and comfortable.

lily's teacher knows this from experience, so she came over and gently let lily know that her regular teacher's assistant was sick. lily's eyes filled with tears but she was determined to not let them spill over. i watched her convince herself she was going to be brave and not cry.

she turned to me and plastered a fake smile on her face gritting her teeth and said 'okay mommy have a good day'.


i couldn't let her keep it in. i sat right down next to her and said 'oh lily it's okay to be upset when things change'. she burst into tears and crawled into my lap and i held her until she got her bearings and went off to play with friends.

i was just so proud of her for trying and wanting to be brave. she's turning into such a big girl so quickly. i hope she knows she can crawl into my lap and cry even when she's too big for my lap. heck, i think the last time i crawled into my mom's lap to cry was about 10 months ago.


the good the bad and the ugly.

its come to my attention through several formspring questions that i apparently come across as a laid back easy going mom that is just a joy to be married to.


okay, now that we have gotten my fits of laughter out of the way, let's get down to the nitty gritty. i think i just post about positive things! i feel like i vent some on here, but often feel silly complaining about my life when really the things that are difficult for me on a daily basis are fairly silly.

do i let my kids eat off questionable surfaces, such as the floor? um... yes its definitely happened. do i worry about them washing their hands? not so much. are their outfits often covered in random stains? sure.

so there is the laid back side of me.

do i lose my temper with my 2 1/2 year old when she is being stubborn? yes i certainly do. do i have to apologize to my children for exhibiting exactly the behavior that i am asking them to abstain from? yep, its happened more than once. do i work 40 hours a week while my children are sleeping so that i can spend their waking hours with them? i do, and i have no free time, little social life, and am overwhelmed a lot of the time. does my husband have to listen to me rant and rave about every little thing that is bugging me? why yes, he does and he patiently endures it without antagonizing me or raising his voice.

so there ya go. not so perfect, eh? just a gal doing her best. in fact i tell lily that often, 'mommy is really doing her best, i'm still learning too. can you try to do your best as well?' i'm usually met with a blank stare, but can you blame a girl for trying?


are these not the cutest camera bags??

epiphanie bags

and they are giving away the most rockin camera too - check it out!


so there i was, wasting time and i was just about to get up and be productive and i decided to do a quick google search of my business URL to see if anyone out there was newly linking to me and i found out the coolest news!

rare magazine
(a hip artsy fun local publication) listed a photoshoot with ME as a fun 'splurge' for hipster couples in their february issue :)

get excited!! here's the online link - http://rareaustin.com/?p=1008

i'll post pics of the actual publication once i get my hands on it- but you can also see a screen shot of the online issue on my business blog.

so so fun to find out they are recommending me since they are probably eternally more hip and 'in the know' than i will ever be! :)


if only.

if only when i saw dust floating in early morning sun my reaction was "look!! sparkles!!"

if only i was satisfied at every single meal by peanut butter and jelly

if only i had someone waiting on me hand and foot and there were always clean clothes waiting for me

if only i got to take a 3 hour nap every single day

man, lily has the life. :)


so much love and laughter every day.

lucky lucky me.